YouTube removed Richard Spencer, and David Duke, a year after he would ban it advocates the supremacy of a group

YouTube removed Richard Spencer, and David Duke, a year after he would ban it advocates the supremacy of one group

it has Now, in the midst of a flood of similar actions by social media companies, finally shut down their channels. A total of, YouTube took action on six high-profile white supremacy channels on Monday, as Stefan Molyneux, American Renaissance, and Spencer’s National Policy Institute.
“We have strict guidelines hate that prohibit talking on YouTube, and finish each station, they can be repeated, or spoken out against these policies. After the update our policies to better address racist content, we saw a 5-fold spike-video-and have finished relocations of over 25,000 channels for the violation of our hate speech policy,” a YouTube spokesman said in a statement to CNN Business.
“YouTube”, said the channels are repeated against his rules, by claiming that members of the protected groups were, by nature, inferior to others, as well as other injuries.
When asked, the took of CNN’s Business, why is it taking so long to take action, the said to these accounts, a YouTube spokesman, if the channels are adult enough injury that it takes you to the bottom. The speaker would carry out no specific examples of accounts, or closer to, why it took action now.
Reddit bans pro-Trump forum The_Donald and other communities, the promotion of hatred
The account takedowns to come a time, to equality, to clean up when other social networks try their platforms in the midst of a broader settlement over race. On Monday, Reddit a new content announced, directives and prohibitions, about 2,000 subreddits, including a popular community-supported President Donald Trump, where users are often more racist, misogynistic, homophobic and conspiracy content. In the meantime, Facebook in front of a growing advertiser boycott over what the marketers say, is the social network to prevent failures, the spread of hatred. YouTube has been criticized mainly because of radicalizing users by the algorithm, have been shown with their recommendations, in order to push users in the direction of extreme content.
Even with Monday’s actions, YouTube and more to play whack-a-mole with an account of the previously removed three times.
Last year, CNN Business found that a Nazi-YouTube had deleted channel, before she was back to back and no attempt was made to hide himself or his connection to his previously banned accounts. The channel was first demolished in April 2018 in the Wake of a CNN investigation that found display from over 300 companies and organizations run on YouTube channels that the promotion of white nationalists, Nazis, pedophilia, conspiracy theories and North Korean propaganda. The account of Brian peace, the stresses that had CNN in the year 2018, the he wanted to not be referred to as a “neo-Nazi”, because he thinks of himself as a “true, real and sincere Nazi.” In a YouTube video posted by calm in the last year, he and friends celebrated Adolf Hitler’s birthday, complete with a cake with a swastika made of frosting and “Heil Hitler!” salutes.
On Monday, CNN’s marks to calm a new account affiliation, which YouTube took down. A YouTube spokeswoman said, you can’t open another account if the first one was finished. Rest the latest channel over 38,000 views had accumulated, before it is cancelled. It was in August 2019.

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