You could quickly Shop for a digital driver’s license on your phone. Here is how it works – CNET

You could quickly Shop for a digital driver’s license on your phone. Here, CNET


your phone could be more from your mobile wallet than ever before.

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Use your phone could be used as a form of ID at the airport or at the bar of reality. Qualcomm and Google have teamed up to work on a system secure enough to store a digital copy of your driver’s license, passport, and other forms of identification on your phone. 

The first phones to have access to technologies that are still in development, both Qualcomm premium Snapdragon-865-a-chip and R Android, the next version of Google’s operating system for mobile phones. Phones with Snapdragon 865 begin to arrive in the year 2020.

The announcement&the case came on Wednesday, the third annual Snapdragon-Tech summit in Maui, Hawaii, where the world’s largest mobile chipmaker, the next mobile chip-sets for 2020-phones, laptops, smartwatches and VR headsets.nbsp;

We saw a demo of how it could be on a mock-up scenario and test device with Snapdragon 865./p>

In one example, the one in the digital-wallet app on the device and pull the electronic ID, which provides a QR code for another device to scan with the help of a simple app. You checked the credentials will appear on the device have to be scanned. None of your personal information in the QR code for privacy reasons, and they might also show a limited version that only shows your name, the face and the confirmation that the drinking age (in practice, if you are in a bar to go).

the Pilot programs are in progress, Qualcomm says, and some States and authorities for additional security authentications for various documents, such as dual authentication for a passport functionality might require. The purse could also function like your mobile banking app.

As always, phone manufacturers have the opportunity to work with the chipset features, but it is not a guarantee that you will. Still, support for Google mobile-ID-credentials-program, top-tier devices have an advantage over phones that do not have this feature. Google is expected to announce Android R features at its annual I/O conference, which is usually held in may.

in addition to support for Google mobile driver s license, high-end phones with Snapdragon-865 can, tap into a 200-megapixel-camera, ultrafast 5G speeds and a larger screen, a fingerprint reader is being touted as faster and safer. Qualcomm also introduced a 5G chip, called Snapdragon-765, which will help you, 5G mobile phones cheaper with a better battery.

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