You can finally get BT Sport without BT broadband

You can finally take BT Sport without a BT broadband

BT offers sports fans the opportunity to be a stand-alone subscription to BT Sport for the first time.

Previously, the only way to watch BT Sport on a BT broadband or EE package, or subscribe to via the Sky, Virgin Media or BT TV platform. Starting today, customers can pay £25 per month for the entire suite of channels, and can cancel at any time.

subscribers can watch on your smartphone, tablet or PC, as well as a Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox One or PlayStation 4 BT is not the extension of this selection just yet, but check again and again his line-up and is open to work with any platform.

BT Sport without a BT broadband

The launch coincides with a big month for the channel. On New Years’ Day, BT Sport, all nine Premier League games live, while in January it will benefit the home of the WWE, and she hopes to, the behavior to this demand as well as changes in users. BT sports has offered, a mobile application since its launch in 2013, and the digital display is always important.

“is It a good time to be a product launch like this,” Pete, Oliver, Marketing, MD of BT’s Consumer division and the head of BT’s digital products and services, told TechRadar. 

“A lot of people, these devices have already and it will get a lot of new Christmas. We started our big-screen treatments earlier this year and we have been encouraged with the ratings. We can see that hundreds watch, thousands of people and wanted to make it easier to BT sports TV.

“A lot of people have a PlayStation or Xbox in your house already, for example.”

BT is important to stress that the stand-alone subscribers get access to the latest broadcast innovations, including 4K and HDR, depending on the compatibility. Earlier this year, BT launched BT Sport Ultimate is a dynamic channel that provides the best possible viewing experience depending on device and connection speed. BT Sport Ultimate available to new subscribers is going to be.

Who is?

The cost of the service is more than a subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime, the latter of which made his Premier League broadcasting debut last week, but less than a monthly subscription to Sky Sports via NOW TV.

When asked to pay, whether the audience is willing and able, would be a free for live sport, Sky sports and/or BT Sport, Oliver said that the flexibility of the subscriptions could attract new viewers and it could bring, “cord cutting”, because you do not need a broadband or TV contract.

“I think, it is competitive,” he explained. “It is not completely flexible, so you need to take out a 12 month contract. It is great to watch if you just want your team in the Champions League, but they are convinced, they will go far,  , or if you just want the MotoGP season. There is an emerging group of sports fans who do not want to have a Pay TV subscription, but like to drop-in sports content.”

One of the main reasons, BT launched BT Sport, it was that consumers to encourage them to sign up and stay with your broadband service. BT Sport is also an important offer for EE customers. Oliver said BT are not concerned that, by providing a standalone subscription, anything would be weakened by the appeal of its communication services, especially in view of the BT-investments in full of fiber and EE’s in 5G.

“you can still get a better price for BT Sport with BT broadband,” he said. “But if you don’t want to, then this is a good option.”

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