Where To Buy Roller Shades?

Where To Buy Roller Shades?

Please help, my wife is gonna kill gonna me, if I can not figure out.

I’m a Qubino shutter controller for our living room window shade. It is wide, 96″ and 64″ long.

First problem, none of the major online stores and hardware stores they sell me a real role with substance, for a long time. They insist that there is a seam (or two) for the fabric of the dimensions that I need, that’s bullshit, because the fabric manufacturer in any case, the fabric I want to

the Second problem is to find it seems impossible, a simple 110v tube motor, 1.5″. No Battery. No Remote Control. No Limits. No internal controls. Only a fucking tube motor (no room for a side-stepper mounted). Would be great if it is compatible with Rollease tube, but this is not required.

I will not<$2k on a turnkey Lutron shade, or any others that require you to make me another hub to spend to connect to smart things./p>

Now for a small rant. In the metro DC area, any place that advertises to sell shades is a joke. Not one of them is the phone or the stocks of shadow components, or fuel logs. Also, the manufacturers such as Qmotion, are shady AF. Why is the shadow business so shady?

in the hope that someone out there has some advice for a reputable outlet for the materials I need.

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