What are the new iOS-13, Wi-Fi, message about available networks

What are the new iOS-13, Wi-Fi, message about available networks

Since the upgrade to iOS 13, or iPadOS 13, seen you may have, a message will appear if you have way of a Wi-Fi network you connected to previously. “Wi-Fi network: ‘Name of the network is an available network in the vicinity.” To show a “Join” button may appear or you may need to tap on the notification to get one yourself.

The first time I saw this, I wondered if a malicious party had finally figured out a way to make an illegitimate message will appear somehow on my iPhone. Then I remembered this somewhat obscure bit of text on Apple’s announcement of the new operating system updates:

Popular Wi-Fi networks. Your iPhone determines which wireless networks are used at your location and notifies you when one is available.

That’s it. No other descriptive text. I have a good guess about what’s going on.

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The popular networks in your area!

From a user point of view, it is practical, not scanning through huge lists of Wi-Fi locations, which often appear now everywhere you go in public and be presented with the most people connect to. Always a pop-up suggesting that the majority of bypasses probably, the network or networks that you would use that. I like it.

Now for the presumption. Apple is likely to be a scan of “sample requests”, which is something you probably don’t know all of the Wi-Fi you have I routinely. A “probe request” is a list, it sends your device from any network it is always connected. Matching Wi-Fi gateway, which “hears voting,” she responds in order to start a connection.

you can listen to your device a few of these probe requests that are sent in the clear without any protection, and then compile that in a list of the most popular.

(If you don’t want to create your device, these probes do not disable Wi-Fi when it is not in use.)

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This sample requests, by the way, from your device, and scan for active Wi-Fi gateways around him. These scans look only for broadcast messages, which consists of Wi-Fi gateways and a laptop, mobile devices or other Wi-Fi hardware on this show make a list of the potential networks that you can join.

Apple, Google, and others, the routine of this list at regular intervals, depending on the opt—in settings-thickness moderate uploads, together with the recorded signal of each gateway, linked with GPS coordinates and other device-based location information to help fine-tune the positioning of your equipment, especially in areas with weak GPS or mobile phone reception.

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