Want to play Half-Life: Alyx? Here are the VR equipment you need to play it – CNET

Want to play Half-Life: Alyx? Here are the VR equipment you need to play it – CNET

Half-Life: Alyx, valve new Half-Life game is finally here and it is amazing, but you need a VR-play headset. You’ll be happy to know that a lot of VR headsets are compatible with the game. Valve’s own VR headset, Index, is a really excellent way to play-but it is expensive, and there are other options.

Alyx works with various Windows-based Steam-VR-headset compatible, and with Facebook standalone the Oculus Quest,. I have played on both the Index and the search so far. Your VR-gaming-the options are greater than you might think.

Here, check some of the options for the playback of this virtuoso VR-game (and also remember, you need a gaming PC with certain specs, too).

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The cheapest VR equipment for the play of Half-Life: Alyx


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Valve expensive VR setup has its own unique Controller, measure, finger movement, and Half-Life: is Alyx designed to most of these controls. If you are a Vive VR, to Valve’s new Controller separately and add them to for less money than a whole new headset would cost. Valve is Half-Life: Alyx free with purchase of Index bundles. 

The Index has a large display and audio but it requires installed lighthouse-light-emitting-tracking-sensor-boxes in your room, rather than in the headset itself motion include tracking. The Index is set up is a pain, because the cable and the lighthouse of boxes, but it is excellent. It is hard to find in stock, however. read make our valve Index.

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The years-old Vive still works and is often on sale. It is the best resolution of the display is not a must, but will do it. You can use this and add-on-Valve-Index-separate Controller, if you want to. The valve Index and the new Controller are cross-compatible with Vive’s hardware, which also runs SteamVR. To update, if you want to pieces of the Index later on (I would recommend the Controller, at least), you can.

Vive comes in the original version and a higher-res Vive Pro model. Shop around and see what deals you can get. read review our HTC Vive.


Microsoft’s line of third-party VR headsets are cheap and work with integrated headset tracking. Many of these Windows-based Mixed-Reality headsets are cheap, and work with steam. The Odyssey, often on sale, has a high quality display and build. It is the best the now almost forgotten headsets, Dell, HP, and Acer sit in front of a couple of years ago. I haven’t tried it yet with a Half-Life: Alyx. 


Oculus ” PC-connected-VR-headset requires no external cameras, all the motion-tracking by the cameras on the headset. The Rift-S is a great headset, and it’s SteamVR compatible. It is also relatively affordable at $399. I’m not sure it’s the best Half-Life: Alyx option, but it should work. The Rift S is hard to find in stock lately. Read more about the Oculus Rift S.

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The Oculus Quest is a stand-alone VR headset. Technically, it might work with Half-Life: Alyx, if you connect with the right USB-C cable to a PC. It would not be the best option, but could be a fascinating choice for someone who already has a Quest.

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