VIDEO: Elon Musk, the Next Quest Is A mind-machine Report. We Consider The Impact Of

VIDEO: Elon Musk, the Next Quest Is A mind-machine Report. We consider The implications of

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We are increasingly dependent on our devices, whether phones or voice powered home assistant, such as the Amazon Echo.

the science progresses, If today, the future of humanity is likely to be more symbiotic with technology. Tech entrepreneurs like Elon are Musk, go all-in on brain-machine interfaces; you saw him with musk company Neuralink the announcement about the plans for the brain-chip implants.

But want to, there is a direct connection between our brains and our technology, we? What are the pitfalls, the possibilities and the case? In this future that you talk with Elise Hu, tech entrepreneur Bryan Johnson, the founder of the neural interface enterprise-Kernel (a musk competitor), and a technology ethicist Tristan Harris, which offer brain-machine interfaces and to consider the ethical considerations in the design of the future.

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Released on Wed, 20 Nov 2019 10:00:23 +0000

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