Valve announces a new Half-Life game for the VR: Half-Life Alyx – The Verge

Valve announces a new Half-Life game for the VR: Half-Life Alyx – The threshold

Two years and nine months after the announcement, it would of the games the construction of three (3) full-length VR — a number that the Valve Software has in the past, never in the position to make the count, and one of the most exciting announcements in the VR ‘ s short story, so far — so the company has today announced that Half-Life: Alyx, the first new game in the renowned Half-Life series, in well over a decade.

currently set up in June. But, of course, we will learn more on Thursday, probably from this social media account, at 10 a.m. PT.

But Alyx almost certainly refers to Half-Life 2 protagonist Gordon Freeman’s closest ally, Alyx Vance, who was last seen… who am I kidding, I played after Half-Life 2: Episode 2 in 2007, back when it first came out, I refused to ever see another game in the series years ago, and if I can I only share a look at the summary on Wikipedia also with you? I remember that there is a huge emotional cliffhanger. Valve, I was fucking finally dealing with this never happened.

Although some of the most influential and critically acclaimed PC game of all time, Valve has Helped as we know, never finished either his Life trilogies of games. According to Half-Life and Half-Life 2 created the organization Half-Life: Episode 1 and Half-Life: Episode 2 , but not the third game in the series. To know the next path we have come, something about, where Half-Life was directed, was this thinly disguised fanfic of the former, Valve writer Marc Laidlaw.

valve went on to additional Franchise, would also not be always trilogies, including Team Fortress 2, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and Dota 2.

There are still a lot of room for Half-Life: Alyx to disappoint, especially if the valve is the definition of a full-length flagship game is different from what you would expect. But Valve has incentives to do more than simply create a conclusion that Helped the Life saga. In June we tested the valve-Index, perhaps the highest degree VR headset built with an impressive Controller, with which you can handle virtual objects with your individual fingers, and, could some of the purpose of the game to justify its existence.

has Maybe Helped as it has successfully done with half-Life 2, and steam back in 2004, the company will tie up this game specifically to its own VR headset kickstart adoption of the platform. Honestly, VR, can

SHOCKED If Ping Helped for the comment, half-Life: Alyx, valve sent me a completely different press release, probably quite by accident: “CS:GO – OPERATION WEB.” Thank you, I think?

Check back on Thursday for more, and possibly, whether or not a rumor. March 2020 release date is real. Or if you want to possibly be spoiled, Ars Technica claims to have sources confirming that Alyx is Half a swinging Life 2 history, with Magnet gloves for you.

Update, 8:11 PM ET: With the Ars Technica link.

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