Uber Stripped Of His License To Operate In London

Uber Stripped of His license To operate In London

Uber is fighting for survival in London, according to the city transportation Agency said it is not an extension of the operating license would be concerns, citing security. This contributes to a difficult year for Uber.


Uber has, stripped of his license for operating in one of its most important cities, London. The city’s transportation Agency says Uber is putting passengers in danger due to a pattern of errors. The decision is another major blow for the company, in a difficult year. NPR tech correspondent Shannon Bond reports.

SHANNON BOND, BYLINE: London is one of Uber to the largest markets. It is one of five cities around the world, where the ride-hailing company takes in a quarter of the rates of customers.

DANIEL IVES: London is the heart and the lungs of their European activities, the largest city in Europe.

BOND: Daniel Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities. By his estimate of the British capital’s accounts for 3% to 5% over the entire ride-hailing turnover. But that is now disappearing in danger.

Transport for London, the city of the transit Agency, says it will not renew the license needs to run on, his car gives service. The British Agency says Uber does not meet your standard,, quote, “fit and proper” company. The Agency says that an unauthorized driver manipulated Uber-systems to upload their own photos to other drivers ” accounts. The led travel secures at 14,000 unprocessed, where the passengers had no idea their driver was not tested by Uber. To drive In at least one case, that a driver, whose license was revoked will still be able to Uber.

Uber says that it the error was resolved, that this may happen. It says that it is the introduction of face matching in London is to confirm the driver’s identity. But Uber has security are growing problems for years, as it hurtled, quickly.

Ives, the analyst, says the British Agency, action against Uber reflects a large problem.

IVES: security is the lifeblood of Uber. If the consumer does not feel safe within the platform, because there are much larger issues.

BOND: For Uber, which is not in danger, only the money it makes in London. It could be a precedent, followed by other major cities.

Bradley Tusk, a former Advisor of Uber, which has helped to fight the company regulations in New York in his early days. He still owns About shares.

BRADLEY TUSK: For a company already struggling financially, this is still a difficult blow. But beyond that, London is one of the most seen cities in the world, and what happens in London is noticed everywhere.

BONDING: The London licence-refusal is just the latest black eye for Uber this year. To limit, for example, the company, how many drivers it has in New York to a lost legal dispute with the city. Uber is already losing billions of dollars per year, and the share price has fallen dramatically, when the company started trading publicly in may.

Ives, an analyst, says that it will be hard for a Uber-shareholder.

IVES: Since the IPO, it is really a horror movie. And I think that is something that the investors begin to get more and more frustrated with the company, and this latest London edition is another overhang now about the Uber stock.

BOND: Uber says it will proceed against the decision. In the meantime, its 45.000 London drivers still picking up passengers, while the company is struggling to stay in the city.

Shannon Bond, NPR News.

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