Travis Scott event in Fortnite: How to see the encore, and you will find the Huge Astro Heads – CNET

Travis Scott event in Fortnite: How to see the encore, and you will find the Huge Astro Heads – CNET

Fortnite Travis Scott

Play a few Fortnite and you will hear a new track from Travis Scott.

Epic Games

Fortnite events are not only for the players to new content from the developer Epic Games. The popular battle royale game has also seen host to several world premieres and collaborations, from a never-before-clip from Star Wars: the rise of The Skywalker to the first episode of Chance the Rapper the reboot of Punk’d Quibi

On Thursday, Travis Scott debuted his new music in an event called ” the astronomical experience in Fortnite. Scott used the game for the psychedelic event s inspired by Cactus Jack’s creations, the rapper, the nickname and the name of his record company. 

According to the Epic, 12.3 million players participated in Thursday’s concert. 

An encore of the show on Saturday is happening tomorrow at 11 am ET/8 am PT for those looking to take in a concert or just want to get it again. 


when did you start Travis Scott astronomical?

The show started at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT on Thursday, April 23.  The event lasted for about 10 minutes and consisted of a huge Travis Scott rapping as a player, bounced, flew and swam in an event that could rival play Fortnite on the fungi. 

Fortnite Travis Scott

happened to The event on land, sea and air. 

Epic Games

The show also had references to previous Fortnite season-end events as volcanic eruption and black hole that led to the game due to the shutdown in the year 2019. The concert was even with a shot of the original map of the island. 

I missed the show, now what?  

experience the astronomical experience for yourself, Epic Games planned encores for the concert. They are:

  • 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT Saturday
  • 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT Saturday

is there any Travis Scott prey? 

” Yes. Player, the to the Astronomical event of the Astro world Cyclone get Glider and two new loading screens.

Fortnite Travis Scott

you will Receive a free loot just for Drop-in. 

Epic Games

The rapper is Icon be part of Fortnite’s series, players can buy Travis Scott skins and other cosmetics in the game, the item shop on Tuesday. 

Scott has a picture of his in-game skin on Monday. 

Epic, added that Travis Scott’s skin and the Astronomical bundle Fortnite Item shop began on the Thursday before the event. The skin alone is 1,500 V dollars, or about $15, and the bundle is 3500 V dollars, or about $35, and comes back with the skin, the Astro-Jack outfit, Astro world-bling, and Cactus Jack back in bling-bling.  

Starting on Tuesday, it will complete a series of Astronomical challenges for the players. Among the rewards a new Travis Scott spray, and emote to be found. The players have until Sunday to these challenges.

Fortnite Travis Scott

Some of the things the player will receive for completing the Astronomical challenges

Epic Games

Bounce off different, Huge Astro-heads

Fortnite Travis Scott

a large head. 

Epic Games

There are five huge, Golden, Travis Scott heads Sweaty Sand, where the concert will be held. You can find the Astro-heads, check the map, wherever you go. 

Fortnite Astro Heads

Where can you find the five giant Astro heads.

Epic Games

Visit the stage to the North of the Sweaty Sands

to the North of the Sweaty Sands, a large island is. This is where the stage is for the Travis Scott event. Stop by if you are on the hunt for the giant-Astro Heads. 

dance for 10s on the dance floor at The Yacht

The Yacht is one of the new areas added Fortnite in this season. Fancy big boat has some loot as well as a dance floor, so stop by. 

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