Top Christmas gifts for retro gamers

Top Christmas gifts for retro gamers

Ready for a bet? We would bet that, if you get a games console as a child, it ranks up there as one of the best Christmas gifts they ever opened. Why not re-use the storage with one of these top retro-gamer-gifts? 

Whether you cut your teeth in the coin-op arcades, or with a 16-bit console, or an absolute newcomer to the golden age of gaming, there are a plethora of ways to scratch that gaming itch these days.

A whole cottage industry has emerged for the people, the old games on your 4K TV, with mini-consoles from Sony, Sega and Nintendo all released in the last couple of years, pre-loaded with classic games. And it is easier than ever, now, to a literal arcade machine for the home.

So, looking for a retro gift for a special someone, or something for yourself? Read more.

Nintendo Classic Mini

Back to where it all began for Nintendo’s home consoles

Fantastic 8-bit game library


Control cable>

too short

Before Mario was with his 3D ‘Odyssey,’ on the Nintendo before Link ever took an Ocarina, which were the titans of the gaming, the your debuts on the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as the NES.

A game changing product, it resulted in a golden-age-pixel-based games, with games like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda and Metroid-setting gaming standards, and the introduction of characters, the basic food in the coming decades.

The NES Classic Mini shrinks down the console, makes it compatible with HDMI-screen TVs and pre-loaded comes with 30 classic games and two control pads at a great price. The perfect introduction to old-skool games.

SNES Mini deals, stock alert

Nintendo SNES classic Edition

As well as a 16-bit gaming gets

Truly classic games

Lovely European and US version-design

notice A couple of values missing games

Control cable a little short

this is Now, where it really good. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (or SNES, as it was now more commonly known), where the 16-bit gaming really came into its own.

With the well-established franchises on its hands, Nintendo began refining series such as Mario and Zelda, with the wonderful Super Mario World and A Link to the Past. The NES is  to miss a great time capsule, but the SNES games, not everyone can afford even a gamer, no matter what age, really pays attention to.

Like the NES mini, the SNES Classic mini shrinks the console down, it fills with tons of excellent games from the era, and makes it easy to hook up to modern TVs. Just like the NES mini, quality of life improvements such as the ability to back and save games are appreciated coils at any time.

Sega Genesis Mini / Sega Mega-Drive Mini

Sonic’s time to Shine

A generous 40 games

Excellent emulation

A couple of duff games

Whether you are an American player who remembers how the Sega Genesis, or a European gamer who remembers fondly, she played with a Sega Mega Drive, Sega’s 90s-era of the 16-bit console, the company was at the height of his powers.

Sonic the Hedgehog. Ecco the Dolphin. Golden Axe. Streets of Rage. Classics of the era, the Genesis / Mega Drive had the feel of an edgy, adult-oriented, that is the perfect counterpart to Nintendo’s family-friendly fare.

The mini-Sega-consoles are probably even more refined than the ones that bring the Nintendo out, to substantiate, with a generous 42 games, two controllers and note-perfect emulation, to the beautiful edge of the wallpaper designs 4:3 games to a 16:9 modern. Note, however, that Sega has licensed a couple of different versions of these machines over the years, and only the 2019 models have the full feature set listed. Double-check before buying, even if the elderly are listed at a lower price, you will place far below.

PlayStation classics

32-bit games in a pint-sized-box

Some of the all-time greats included in scope of delivery

Excellent USB game pads

Arm emulation

many of the classic games

” 3D gaming is Missing, here we come! In 1994, the PlayStation, Sony’s first attempt at a home console, ushered in a new era of gaming to explore, detailed 3D worlds, adult-oriented genres such as survival horror cemented, and a marketing blitz that gaming long been accepted in the adult more cultural life than ever before. The roots of modern gaming, start here.

But, though the era is full of gems, the PlayStation classic mini-console proved to be a bit of a disappointment. A relatively short 20-games-list, and the poor quality of the emulation undermine another-wonderful console design is contracted.

And while there are a lot of classic games are missing, there are some unique gems expressed here, with the obvious Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII and Tekken 3, the ramp light take. Best of all, the PlayStation classic to the relative unpopularity means that your reduced regularly strong, at which point it will purchase a completely justifiable spontaneously. If the price if right, it is well worth a look.

SNK Neo Geo Mini

the king of The arcade games, now in the palm of your hand

Hard-to-games included

Lovely mini-computer design



the NEO GEO was the king of the arcade in the 90s, with his cabinets to eat coins like the Cookie Monster eats sweet baked treats. 

Before the introduction of the 32-bit era, its arcade cabinets just could not be beaten, the work on detailed, messy, and sprite. A possible home console, let your play published the games away from the noise of the arcade, but the games were priced so extortionately high that it was only a niche collector’s item.

the correction of the mistakes of the past, the SNK Neo Geo Mini brings the power of the NEO-GEO arcade machine in the palm of your Hand. It packs in dozens of games, from Metal Slug to King of Fighters, in a mini-arcade machine, complete with cute buttons, a 3.5-inch screen and a waggle-friendly joystick.

Buy and sell-single-pads-and you can even hook the thing up to a TV for two-player action. It is one of the more expensive retro-machines, but it is a nice thing to sit on your Desk, ready for a quick stroll down memory lane.

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