To respond to open TikTok “transparency center,” privacy concerns – CNET

To respond to open TikTok “transparency center,” privacy concerns – CNET

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U.S. legislators and Supervisory authorities of your attention on TikTok.

James Martin/CNET

Popular social video app, TikTok on Wednesday said it plans to open a transparency center in his office in Los Angeles as part of its efforts to “deepen our engagement with, and earn the trust of our community as well as policy-makers and the General public.”

TikTok, known for his quirky 15-second videos, has increased in popularity in the past year, but it is also coming under increased observation. U.S. lawmakers have the app, which is owned by Chinese firm byte dance, of being a threat to national security, and the army and Navy, banned the app from the government devices.

The centre will open in may, said TikTok, with an initial focus on the app content moderation process, but it will expand later to questions of privacy and security. The company said, the middle of external experts will give “” a chance to see his day-to-day operations and feedback on its functioning. 

Released on Fri, 11 Mar 2020 13:44:59 +0000

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