To lock Apple updated Safari on iOS and Mac third-party cookies – CNET

Apple updated Safari on iOS and Mac to block third-party cookies – CNET


” blocked Safari third party cookies. 

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to be Upset, how much data companies collect from your web browsing? Apple Safari on iOS and MacOS an update to help. 

Announced Tuesday by Apple for WebKit-engineer John Wilander in a blog post blocked on the WebKit site, the relocation complete third-party cookies, the latest version of Safari-in-line with other browsers such as Tor. (WebKit is the browser engine that powers Safari.)

Google said in a blog post of its own earlier this year, she hopes to add a similar functionality like Chrome “within two years.” 

allow Cookies for tracking behavior on websites, something that is increasingly under control in the last few years, the internet community began with an inventory of how much data was being collected online through this Tracker, known as third-party cookies, and often of social networks and advertising companies. With this new update, the latest Safari will not allow you to use these cookies.

In a tweet accompanying his blog post, Wilander says that Apple will help re-experience and privacy groups, such as the Worldwide Web Consortium “, the other Browser, you take the leap.” 

The move is Apple’s latest in the fight against data-Tracker. Last year, the the company has built a new browser-technology – called Privacy-Preserving Ad-Click Attribution. It was developed to help advertisers find out when your ad successfully, you have to buy something, but to do so without tracking you over the internet and harvest personal data. 

The company further steps to try and limit the accumulation of people, the information, including the creation of Sign In with Apple, a way for people to login to apps and websites without having to give your personal information, such as your current E-Mail address. 

The new version of Safari is available now in the iOS and iPadOS 13.4 and in Safari from version 13.1 on MacOS.

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CNET’s Stephen Shankland contributed to this report. 

Released on Wed, 25 Mar 2020 15:04:00 +0000

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