To Interfere with Code and compete in the TC Hackathon, Berlin

To Interfere with Code and compete in the TC Hackathon, Berlin

are We in the final straight of the TC Hackathon goes down to Disturb, Berlin 2019 on 11-12 December. If you have what it takes to compete against some of the best hackers, developers, engineers, and code poets, to apply to the TechCrunch Hackathon now. We have less than 50 seats left, and they will be gone before you can say deep hack mode.

The Hackathon is free to accept any fees, or to compete. It is an exciting, fun and exhausting journey. Design, create, and pitching is a working product in 24 hours, you will test your physical, mental and technical limits. It’s an adrenaline rush like no other.

What you get for messing with the day-night rhythm? For starters, we keep you fed, watered and caffeinated. And each participant gets to enjoy a free Innovator pass Interfere, Berlin. Then there is the prize money, with each sponsored competition, and, on top of that, TechCrunch editors ‘ awards, an additional $5,000 prize to the team that you for the creation of the best overall hack.

If you and your team arrive on site, you pick one of several funded competitive hacks to tackle and complete. Arriving solo? Don’t Worry. We will help you to be a team, if you are here.

After the 24-hour hackathon at sponsor expires, representatives, and TechCrunch editorial staff reviews all completed projects. Select 10 teams to the finals the following day. Each team will receive two minutes to power-pitch and present their products live on the Extra-Crunch-level.

After 10 sleep-deprived-presentations, the judges announce the winners of the sponsor challenges and TechCrunch shows the winner of the best overall hack, and awards you $5,000.

Curious about the types of challenges you can find on tap? We will announce this year’s sponsors and their specific competitions, before the month is up, but here is an example of the kind of challenges that you can expect.

sponsored Last year at the Disrupt SF, BYTON a competition to create the challenge of the Hackathon participants, a product that to this question: What do the people, in a car, has a 49-inch screen and drives autonomously? The $5,000 for the first prize went to the CAR-O-KE, a karaoke app for the Autonomous vehicles. Check out the other sponsored competitions, prizes and the winner of DSF ’18.

TC Hackathon is part of the Disturb, Berlin 2019 on 11-12 December. love to code? Love to compete? To attract love, money and recognition? Then you apply for the Hackathon today, before the last remaining spots will disappear.

Is your company interested in as a Sponsor or Exhibitor at Disrupt Berlin in 2019? Contact our sponsorship sales team use this formcomplete.

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