To celebrate 13 game demos hit Steam, The game awards, including System Shock ‘ s restart

To celebrate 13 game demos hit Steam, The game awards, including System Shock celebrate the reboot –

tonight, Geoff Keighley will host the sixth annual Game Awards, and usual, it will be so much hyping up the coming games, as it is, the old. You can&your life tonight at 5:30 p.m. Pacific on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and so on—or you can save yourself three hours and see you back here tomorrow for a summary of the various trailers.nbsp;

There’s a twist this year, though. In addition to the show itself, Keighley is composed of what he calls The game Festival”, a first-of-its-kind digital consumer event, the magic of the hands-on gameplay demos and fans around the world.”

That is to say, a very corporate kind: It is E3 or PAX, but you don’t have to leave your house.

Instead, it’s all on Steam. It only has a dozen demos in total, available to install and play from now until 10 a.m. Pacific on Saturday. You will not find all of the major publishers on the list—no Microsoft, Bethesda, EA, or even always-there-for-new-technology Ubisoft. But there is to check out some of the much-anticipated indies, including a night dive s the System Shock remaster and glass from the Bottom of the SkateBIRD. The full list is as follows:

the two I mentioned are definitely the headliners for me, with the rest a grab bag of games that I’ve heard of in passing or never seen before. Have dug up the Steam pages, it looks like an interesting set of demos, but. Unique concepts, different art styles, and a few indies getting some attention in a time to do as the ‘ s hard. What’s not to like?

And with the industry extending in the direction of digital distribution and streaming, I imagine we will see a start similar to digital tie-ins with the E3, PAX, and so on. People visit these events for more than just the demos, so I doubt that in-person conferences, will disappear completely. It certainly gets their games in front of a wide audience, and with much less effort than manning a booth at a trade show.

As I already said, we need to premieres a summary of the morning to all The Game Awards in the world, and various other trailers. The game-Festival is a wider impact in the long term could have. Go you to download some demos, and in any case, SkateBIRD try. They are birds! The

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