To buy the sensors (especially moisture)? The Current Alexa/Hue/Nest-User…

To buy the sensors (especially moisture)? The current Alexa/hue/Nest-user…

I love home automation, but reading this sub makes me realize I’m in the vicinity of the level I could be and I have relied on the popular brands, while there are so many other options.

Current setting: we use Alexa by the home – many of the speakers, and the Echo Show. TV is on an Amazon fire stick.

the light of Every bulb in the house is a shade of light, that in due time I, with many routines and Alexa-commands.

We have 5 Nest cameras and Nest thermostat.

I’m on the search to find the sensors that are compatible with our current setup. I really hope that for humidity sensors, temperature sensors and door /window sensors, which has led to me to look in the SmartThings products. I can’t figure out, if you play nice with my current setup and I came here in the hope someone can tell me if this will work… Or if it’s a better brand! I wish a lot of houseplants (how much) and really, I could detect the moisture in various areas around my house. It’s Nest-sensors appears to work with the thermostat only to the temperature detect.

any and All advice is very welcome!

Released on Sun, 15 Mar 2020 20:45:07 +0000

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