Tips for Successful Android App development


Google OS Android platform the maximum popularity and market share has earned, in the year of 2012. According to research, the mobile market analysts, Android is expected to be the highest selling operating system until 2016. As an open platform, Android offers exciting possibilities for mobile app provides business development and freelance designers. The following are some simple and useful tips for software are follow-the developer, for the creation of successful Android Apps:1. Reserve a Name-Space When a mobile app is uploaded to the Android Market, it is the name of the package is used by Google to identify your product among thousands of similar apps will work. Therefore, it is important to reserve a space for app-name, to manifest their unique identity.2. Stick to the platform development patterns – It is not break it is advisable to, the development of the rules, which proposes the Android platform, app Designer. Although most developers want to create a unique application, it is recommended to do that only the development of the standards to be followed, just that. For example, the exchange of information such as messages and pictures from and for the Android app must be completed through the use of the intent.ACTION_SEND option. Also, a developer can the green droid framework for the use of the functionality of the app needs to surface users.3. Pay attention to the needs of the target audience – A thorough research of the mobile app for Android users to be carried out in order to understand their expectations from an app. The functions must be included in each app, after consultation with the client or the target audience, so that his/her task is solved by the app usage. Feedback posts like blogs and app reviews must also be positioned so as to collect the views of an extended target group. Remember that each Android app will only be successful if its users.4. Use the view hierarchy Option – The hierarchy Viewer function, the Android platform provides developers with allows for the exploration of the user interface activities and the visualization of the complicated app layout. It helps immensely in the designing, developers can have a clear view of the placement of the images in the final application, and also their density. Overall, this feature of the Android app development platform helps build a better search application, and we know that a larger part of the success of a mobile app depends on its appearance when installed in a device.5. The topics Must be Used in the management of the style scale, an Android application is through the use of themes. However, the developer cannot experiment much with the design of the design of Android apps. References to previous themes have to be made; the adjustment of the app-presentation problems in screens of different sizes and resolutions is easier with the use of Google themes.6. You start with Simple Translations – The-Google wants Android to win the market, to global customers. This can only be achieved by increasing the download rate of the app. According to analysts, the each Android developer must provide a translated Version of the app description and title when uploading the application on the Android Market. The use of only localized text, a language that is specifically released for the region where the app is recommended. But the translation must be in simple words so that a larger audience is attractive base. There is no warranty for the success or failure of an Android app. According to the above-mentioned tips application nevertheless, you increase the possibility of an Android-better.

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