Tips for success in the Android Market

1. You have to test every Android app thoroughly Testing your Android apps,
before you have submitted for approval from the Android Market
essential. Since Android is an open platform, most apps can be assumed to be,
the Google Play Store, but maintaining a constant rate of success,
the software is difficult for developers as the Android-powered
Devices are extremely fragmented. The consistency of the user experience
difficult to reach ment in the fragmented devices. The various versions of
the Android OS must be taken into account by the developer while
Tests; Tests in both low and high resolutions is also necessary for
the best performance of the software.

2. The developers need to have a Google Checkout account, Google
Checkout merchant account must be set up by all developers who want to
sell paid-for versions of Android applications, or want to perform in
app advertising. The fact, is why it is important for all Android mobile software
the developers have this account is that once an Android app is released
as a free application, it can be never updated, in a paid
mobile-application. The only way the designer can ensure that a long-term
Money making strategy of these apps is that money through in-app

3. To present you are thinking about a unique way for your app The first
Presentation of a Android in the Google Play Store plays an important
Role in the long-term performance. Find innovative ways to
Android app presentable; design an icon for the app, collect
attractive screenshots, or a video, the app
features only a few options, an impressive Android-app-presentation.

4. Spruce up the marketing strategy – the launch of The Android app,
must be an event that promotes to check the potential user, the
Features and functionalities of the software. This can be achieved,
through good marketing. Issuing press releases, contacting app review
Sites for providing feedback on your Android application features
hiring the services of app bloggers, and visiting online forums where a
a separate group talks about only your Android app are few marketing
Strategies that all Android app-welcome developers. A
contemporary alternative method is the promotion of a new Android mobile app
on online app-discovery platforms, so that you can generate higher ratings
and reviews.

The above Directive can not guarantee the success of an Android
mobile application in the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, it is a
a comprehensive list of tips that will help all Android software
To establish a developer, a strong understanding and retaining the
patterns of the Android market to work. According to the above-mentioned tips 13&#;
the Android app approval process, Google Play Store smoother.

Be it Android, iOS, Windows Mobileeconomic contributions – and BlackBerry operating application
Developer with extensive experience in the industry, innovative apps
for the clients.

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