Tim Cook hints the handset subscriptions, could thing of a day, a

Tim Cook hints the handset subscriptions, it could div a day, a thing

This man may want to sell iPhones, the in subscription. Maybe. One Day. Possibly.

IF YOU are A COMPLETE a paying member of the Apple fan club, you have a number of direct debits from your account each month, keeping you well-fed with news, games, and MOR-TV. 

But CNBC , Apple could try to push the model on the hardware, and that Tim Cook was “the Foundation stone” for those on the company’s Q4 earnings call with investors.

The Apple chief was asked to increase about the idea of an Amazon Prime-style subscription for hardware upgrades, subscription revenue in the face of stagnant mobile phone sales. This was his answer: 

“In terms of hardware as a service or as a bundle, if you will, today there are customers, which is essentially the hardware, because they are on the upgrade plans, and so on. So to a certain extent, exists today.” Then he went on to say that he believes this kind of approach “will grow in the future, a larger number.” 

CNBC “notes that cook shoot down the idea,” this is exactly the same as the it. It is not a good look for the CEO to ridicule callers’ views on investment calls – just ask Elon Musk – so it could only be seen as a polite answer to a question rather than an insight into the plans for the future.

Still, it’s pretty clear that Apple is why don’t like it when people pay in instalments? A £9.99 recurring payment is much easier to hide in a Bank statement as £1,999 iPhone. “We are cognisant that there are many users that want a sort of a recurring payment, and the receipt of the new products, to make some kind of standard kind of basis, and we are obliged to do the easier than perhaps it is today,” Cook said, when talking about the financing. 

Maybe it’s not quite ready to move, in a full subscription to iPhone bundle, but with services, an area where Apple does not exclude great guns at the moment, you certainly can. µ.

Released on Fri, 01 Nov 2019 14:00:00 +0000

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