This week in games: look at the Terminator-theme Xbox One X and its baleful red eye

This week in games: look at the Terminator-theme Xbox One X and its ominous red eye

If the AI feel is growing and Skynet a reality, at least we were prepared, by the nonstop onslaught of Terminatortie-ins this year—not the least of which is the custom Xbox One X that Microsoft unveiled this week. You look at his eyes and despair, for there is a new red-ring-of-death fight.

news, plus Red barrels teases Outlast 3 (or maybe something else), Red Dead shows its PC-graphics a more, the death of Stranding‘s coming to the PC next summer, and Netflix finally a real trailer for The Witcher. Spoiler: It’s the same as every bit of marketing for this adaptation is better and worse than I expected.

This is gaming news for the 28. October to 1. November.

Halloween hangover

Halloween is over, which for me means getting ready for Thanksgiving, and department stores means it’s time to bust out Christmas decorations. But before we get too far into the holidays, epic is still the darkest, celebrating the most season of the year with a few giveaways this week. Both Soma and Costume Quest to the modern classics, and you owe it to yourself packing, the two even if it is burned out, a month-long horror-fest.

Next week, Nuclear Throne and Ruiner, that doesn’t sound very Thanksgiving-y to me. Then again, I can’t believe any Thanksgiving games off the top of my head. An underserved market, perhaps.

Beta bonanza

If you are OK with less-ready-made fun, there are also several betas this weekend. the Warcraft III: now properly umgeschmiedet multiplayer beta, with rolling waves of invites going out to those who pre-order the “spoils of war” – issue-and, later, first go for anyone who pre-orders period.

And Halo: Reach in the third round of Tests this week. You need to hope as a “Halo-Insider” – and then that of the store, but those selected, you get to test, two missions (“precious” and “Winter ” contingency”) and play a handful of multiplayer maps. You can also check out the minimum specifications for the execution of Reach in the year 2019. As you would expect, they are damn low. A GTX 770 will get you 4K, even if barely, while a GTX 560 Ti is listed as the minimum for 1080p play.

A Hideo Kojima game

the death of Stranding is coming to PC in “early summer of 2020,” as revealed this week. Quickly, cancel your PS4 pre-orders and then sit down and watch this latest trailer, I think that’s our lot for the next nine months, while all the other…climb ladders, or whatever the hell you do in this game. I don’t know, and honestly, I’m not convinced that I care, but hey, it is encouraging to see a Sony-backed game like this to come to PC. Perhaps a sign of more?

Redder and Deader

Speaking of the PC-ports Red Dead Redemption II finally, the PC meets next week. I’m sure you can imagine, the improvements for yourself, all of these beautiful horse testicles grow and shrink in 4K resolution. But if you want advance take a look, Rockstar is a very pretty PC-launch-lure trailer, you will have to copy to the purchase of a (second).

Streamlined steam

Valve finally released its long-awaited Steam library-Update as a beta-branch in September, and I’ve been using it ever since. It is fantastic, and I shuddered myself to a computer, without the beta branch have been active in the last few months. Fortunately, this is already a thing of the past, though! As of this week, valve pushed the new library is all on Steam.

Go ahead, to admire it. It’s been a long time coming.


Epic has a knack for timing, its own store-updates from Valve. No wonder, then, that the Epic Games Store, discussed a handful of improvements, in this week—although probably not the one you have been waiting for. Actually, the first is not one of those “wait, it gave?” Improvements, such as Epic added genre Filter to the store.

wish lists will come soon, according to epic’s announcement. And while Epic seems to be still against user reviews, it revealed a partnership with the open critic to the surface of the ratings on the storefront. For details, refer to here.


Square Avengers – the game is due may 15 and I have the feeling we’ve hardly seen it yet. Or rather, we have seen the same section over and over again, the prologue battle on the Golden Gate Bridge. For a second I feared this latest trailer would seal that for the umpteenth time, but it has to go deeper into the loot system and such in the back half. Still not much, given the impending release date, but at least it’s something.


Battlefield‘s was, on an every-other-year schedule for a while now, but don’t expect Battlefield VI to knock soon. EA’s Andrew Wilson had. there, in an investor call this week and said, we will not see the next Battlefield until sometime in 2021 or even 2022 This is a three – or even four-year gap between the versions, the allows hopefully the DICE, to more significant changes—and perhaps even a longer campaign? I can only dream of.

to Ubisoft breaking point

‘ s to the custom made, the rescue of his bad games of this generation. He recovered, The division, it was rainbow Six siege in a phenomenon, and now it is trying to fix, Ghost Recon breakpoint. There is a very long blog post to this effect on Ubisoft’s side, but the key point is that Ubisoft “the in a radical and highly addictive version of Ghost Recon breakpoint.” What that means is up in the air, but I’ll be curious to see what breakpoint looks like a year from now on Ubisoft’s track record.


Okay, one last bit of Halloween-adjacent news: Red Barrels, developer of Outlast, took advantage of the day to tease his next project. All we got was a picture of two hands, and the words, “Where the freedom ends.” It is Outlast 3? Maybe. I promise you, you know as much as I do. We keep an eye out for more, because as much as I was disappointed of Outlast 2, I would still like to see the Red barrels to recapture the feeling of tightness in the calling forth of the original.

Outlast 3? Outlast…3?


you Forget the next Xbox. All I want to Terminator is ridiculous -themed Xbox, which Microsoft unveiled this week. In General, this tie-in will promote-ins are boring Affairs, with a color swap and maybe an alternate logo, and a game or another. The Terminator: the Dark fate the Xbox is a full-custom-Form robot protrude but also with a melty face and the red-eye from the tip. It is so ugly and so stupid, and I would like to in my house—but they have only made one, and you have to win it in a competition. Damn.

Xbox One X - Terminator Xbox

bathtub blues

We end this week only we are the end of may this week: the debut trailer for the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher. could It looks better than I expected first? Easily. Is bath-Geralt neat strongly to fans? In any case. But it  looksgood? I’m not sold…still. Sometimes it looks like the Downton Abbey spiritual successor to it will be a matter of urgency. Other points, it looks like The Witcher, by way of The CW.

So we will see and see soon, I think. the The Witcher is due out December 20.

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