This week in Apps: iOS 13 complaints, Q3, trends, App-Store ratings bug

This week in Apps: iOS 13 complaints, Q3, trends, App-Store ratings bug

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The app industry is as hot as ever, with 194 billion downloads in the year 2018, and more than US $ 100 billion in consumer spending. People spend 90% of their mobile time apps more time with their mobile devices, as a television. In other words, apps are only a way, a waste of idle hours are not — you are a large business, and one that often change over night.

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This week, we see that an iOS-13-bug everyone complains, the App Store Q3 trends, as well as the latest sales figures announced by Apple , and Google while the first-quarter results. We have also found a new product to find out what may be spikes or changes in an app have caused is history, and we keep track of new information about Microsofts Xbox console, to mobile streaming service from Google is movement, feeling.

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Everyone complains about iOS 13, kill background apps

Apple iOS 13.2 released with Deep Fusion this week. The publication also included a new emoji, Siri-recording opt-out, bug-fixes and security improvements. But it didn ‘ T have the background app bug.

As a result, the developers are upset, and the users are frustrated. A number of iOS 13 users complain about iOS 13, the aggressiveness of the background apps and tasks, which is attributed to kill, to bad RAM management. This concerns, in particular apps like Safari, YouTube, Cloudy, and other. The users have to compose the lost Safari tabs, E-Mails, which they were, or the video that you saw after switching off for a minute.

The complaints are all over Twitter, Reddit and Apple’s own forums. A MacRumors post about this over 400 comments, has<./p>

This was a problem, since the betas, but people had hoped would be solved by the public releases. Apple has not clarified what is to blame here, but there is speculation about the impact of memory-intensive camera system.

As TechCrunch editor Matthew Panzarino, it “feels like I’m back on iOS 3.”

developer Nick Heer of Pixel envy says that the error is not catastrophic, but “it should be the highest priorities to fix it. It’s embarrassing that all the hard work feel start in animation, and app smooth is says applies through bad multitasking,” he said.

Radar filed.

consumers spent more than $500M on photo/video apps in Q3

Outside of mobile games, entertainment and streaming apps will also pull in the big money. But there is another category to benefit from the shift to the subscription model: photo and video apps. In this category you will find apps that promise to touch up photos, add a Filter, that can make or break Instagram career, as well as the video giants such as YouTube and TikTok.

photo-and video-app-store-sales growth in q3 2019

In Q3, the category grossed more than $500 million, a whopping 75% year-over-year, says the Sensor Tower. It is also to see an annual growth rate of 101% since 2016. Much of it is on YouTube, which was alone responsible for 30% of the category sales in Q3. (Just wait until TikTok monetization seriously takes in-app, though.)

top apps photo-and video-app-store-sales in q3 2019

But it is growing now, not just the top apps. In Q3, 22 apps, $exceeded 3 million in gross user to spend, compared to only 2 in 3. Quarter of 2016. And 7 apps had more than $10 million in revenue, including TikTok, VSCO, Facetune 2, Facebook, and PicsArt.

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