This week in Apps: honey $4B is abandoned, a new plan for iOS 14, Apple’s new developer resource

This week in Apps: honey $4B is abandoned, a new plan for iOS 14, the new Apple developer resource

Welcome back to the week in Apps, the Extra-Crunch-series recaps the latest OS news, the applications they support, and the money that flows through them all. What to talk to the developers? What app publishers are doing, and marketers need to know? What are the policy, the impact on the App Store and app business? And the apps are all with?

This week we look at several big stories, including a whopping 4 billion US dollars PayPal only output on the browser extension and mobile app maker, honey, as well as the release of Apple’s Developer app, a new plan for iOS is 14, Google stages of launch, AR gaming is the next big hit (or a flop???), e-commerce-app-trends, Microsoft quit the voice assistant of mobile apps, and more.

Plus, have you heard that you abandoned the developer that was kicked from his developer account from Apple, and its apps?



Apple-review iOS development-strategy to the buggy iOS 13 launch

apple ios Apple’s iOS-13-was the issue one of their worst, in terms of bugs and glitches. Now, Apple is making an internal change, how to solve it approaches software development, in an effort to have the problem. According to Bloomberg, Apple’s Software chief Craig Federighi and other executives announced its plans at an internal meeting. With the new process, the unfinished and buggy include, features are disabled by default in daily builds. The testers then have the option of activating the functions to try them. While this amendment seeks to ensure the internal builds of the OS to be more usable (or “life value”), Apple hopes that over time the overall quality of the software improve will give testers the opportunity to really understand what the should not work well, but it is not. Testing of changes for iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS, the report said.

Apple brings the Apple Developer App

Apple renamed and expanded its existing WWDC-app to a new Apple Developer app, the residence with its 23 million registered developers, the throughout the year. Instead of just with information about the developmentloper event itself, to expand the app to other relevant resources such as technical and design articles, developer news and updates, videos, and more. It is also an opportunity for developers will offer to register in the Apple Developer program, and retain their membership. Apple says it is a lot of developers were more likely to open inclined to app, as an E-found Mail, and through the centralization of information in one place, it could efficiently and seamlessly with new information, and other resources to provide for the community.

PayPal buy honey for $ 4 billion

PayPal has its largest acquisition-a browser extension and mobile app maker, honey. TechCrunch exclusively to the news of the almost all broke-cash deal, noting that the honey has currently 17 million monthly active. But PayPal was interested in more than the user-base it, the tech wanted to. The company plans to add in front of the checkout screen by clicking the get involved with the online shopping and research process, in which the customers visit the Websites and look for deals. Honey ‘ s offer-search features of your mobile app, is also part of PayPal and Venmo apps in the future.

Cloud gaming enhanced with Google-stages start

Cloud-based gaming could benefit from the growing investments in the 5G. Google stadiums, which launched this week, is a big bet on 5G in this regard. Although the early reviews were mediocre, Google believes that the next generation of gaming, includes a continuous, cross-device play, including on mobile devices. This trend was already seen with the success of the cross-platform games, such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, and PUBG, for example. Now, console manufacturers like Microsoft are working to build their own cloud to compete with infrastructure. (Microsoft xCloud starts in may 2020.) Google could have an edge, even if the stadiums feels today more like a beta than a finished product. But a question still arises whether Google is serious about gaming, or only sees the stages as a content engine for YouTube?

Microsoft kills Cortana mobile apps

Microsoft realised this week with the delay, that it can not compete with the built-in advantages, the Siri and Google Assistant, to provide users, such as dedicated buttons, the hands-free commands, workflow building, and more voice. The company decided to shut down its Cortana dangers of mobile applications on iOS and Android in a number of markets, including the UK, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Spain, China, Canada and India. Each bet, if the US makes this list?

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