This week in Apps: Black Friday boost, security news, and the year of the greatest apps

This week in Apps: Black Friday boost, security news, and the year of the greatest apps

Welcome back to This week in Apps, the Extra-Crunch-series recaps the latest OS news, applications, the support and the money flows through it all. What to talk to the developers? What app publishers are doing, and marketers need to know? What are the policy, the impact on the App Store and app business? And the apps are all with?

This week we will look at how the Black Friday weekend and played on mobile (including the non-shopping category, saw an increase of revenue!), as well as some security-related stories, TikTok is the last of the bad press, plus Apple and Google, the best and most downloaded apps by 2019, and much more.



80% of Android apps are encrypting the data traffic by default

Google gave an update on Android security this week, in view of the fact that 80% of the Android apps that the encryption of the data traffic by default, and this percentage was higher for apps for Android-9 or higher, with 90% of them is the encryption of the data traffic by default. Android protects the data traffic in or out of the devices, the Transport Layer Security (TLS). His new stats are in connection with Android-7, with the introduction of network Security configuration in 2016, which allows the app developers to configure the network security policy for the app through a declarative configuration file. Apps for Android 9 API (level 28) or higher automatically have a policy, which is set by default, which prevents unencrypted traffic for each domain. And since Nov. 1, 2019, all apps (including app updates) must have Android of opponent, at least 9, Google says. This means that the percentages will improve as more apps roll out your next updates.

Black Friday boost mobile game revenue to a record high of $70M

US sales holiday Black Friday was not only good for online shoppers, for a record $7.4 billion Euro in sales, $ 2.9 billion of smartphones. It is also increasingly turning to mobile iOS and Android game revenue to a one-day record of $69.7 million in the United States, according to Sensor tower. This was the most revenue ever generated in a single day for the category, and it represents a 25% increase in the course of 2018. To spend on Marvel Contest of Champions by Kabam led the day with around 2.7 million dollars in player. Two titles from Playrix — Gardenscapes, and Homescapes — large won, with $1 million and $969,000 in sales, respectively.

These increases show that consumers are looking for all kinds of deals, Black Friday not only in connection with holiday gift-giving. They are also happy to spend on themselves in games. Mobile publishers started this trend, and offered special in-game deals on Black Friday, what paid really.

Did Walmart beat the Amazon app on Black Friday?

Sensor tower and Apptopia said it did. App Annie also said that it did, but later took it back (see update). In any case, it must be a tight race. Depending on the Sensor Tower, the Walmart app is number 1 in the US App Store Black Friday with 113,000 new downloads, a year-on-year increase of 23%. Amazon had 102,000 downloads, making it No. 2.

many Amazon buyers have Probably already installed the app, so this is more about Walmart’s e-commerce growth, the more so, as some of the thing on Amazon.

In fact, Apptopia said, Amazon still had means 162% more mobile sessions throughout the holiday weekend — the Amazon was more than Wal-Mart.

in General, mobile shopping is still huge on Black Friday. The top 10 shopping apps grew their new installations, to achieve the 11% over last year on Black Friday, a combined 527,000 installed.

report: Android-Advanced-protection-program sideload

could prevent

Google Advanced protection program protects the accounts of which are, the risks from targeted attacks — such as journalists, activists, entrepreneurs, and political campaign teams. This week, 9to5Google, the program found may be a new protection to block function with the ability to sideload apps to a APK collapse. What is not yet clear if programme members have the ability to disable the protection, but there are some indications that the case may be. Another feature of the report revealed is displayed to show that the Play Protect, automatically scans all apps, including those from outside the Play Store. This has no impact on the majority of Android users, of course, but it is an indication of where Google thinks the security risks can be found: side loaded apps.

Bug hunter suggests safety.plist default for apps

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