These are the best iPhone-SE – offers – CNET

These are the best iPhone-SE – offers – CNET

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you you can now start pre-order the new iPhone-SE (aka iPhone-SE 2), prices at $399 for the 64GB model. This number is a big part of the appeal, especially since the next option in the iPhone lineup is the XR at $599. CNET’s Patrick Holland feels the cheap new iPhone-SE came at just the right time only with the right design.

feel The Cheapskate, you can do better than the $399. Whether you dust off an old iPhone to trade in, or switching to a new carrier, there are ways to save money on Apple’s latest.

Before we dive into the best iPhone-SE-offers, but let me suggest a few alternatives:

  • Visible is always a discount with the single best iPhone-XR-offer: Only US $376 after a $200. You have to pay for the service ($40 per month or less with a group plan), but only for two months. Great, great thing. (Also: big, large, Tel.)
  • If it is the iPhone 8 design you are, why not an iPhone 8? It is a generation or two behind in terms of processor and camera, but it is still a mighty fine phone. like At Glyde, you can create a like-new unlocked iPhone 8 for as low as $280And baking market, iPhone 8 prices start at around $200 (for scratch-and-dent models).

Still eyeballing an iPhone-SE? Here are the best deals I’ve found. (If you want to see all of the preorder options, not just those that I think is the winner, you can find the click here.) To check back you will note that I will update this post as I find other deals, so be sure to,.

more: iPhone SE review: Apple’s $399 iPhone live up to the hype

This is interesting: Mint-Mobile, a carrier known for discounted service sold in three-, six – and 12-month blocks, is the entry into the contract. As of Friday, April 24, you can use the iPhone-SE for 15 $in a month, and a service plan starting at $15 per month. You’re going to pay for 24 months, effective 360 price for the phone.

As for the service, $15, nets you Mint 3GB plan, assess; you can step up to 8 GB or 12 GB for $20 or $25 The rate on the phone remains the same: 15 $in a month. Whichever way you go, this is a particularly cost-effective way, the new iPhone-SE without having to pay hundreds of dollars up front.

Visible just an outstanding offer from Friday, 24 announced. April: you Pay a $384 up front ($15 below the Amazon price) and you will receive a $200 discount (in the form of a Mastercard virtual credit card) after two months of service. And these two months costs you only $40 each for unlimited everything-less, if you the benefits will be Visible, the option group.

these are great conditions; it is hardly a contract. And the phone is unlocked, so that if you decide to train, after two months, there is nothing stopping you.

One of the better iPhone-SE-offers, as far as they shaved $50 off the 64GB model of the and provides you with six months of service. And if you want to save promo-code CHEAPSKATESE an additional $25, your out-the-door price of only $324. (The code is now expired, but the deal is still good.)

you can also save the 128 GB model for $399 and a 256 GB for $499 -, effectively netting you the same total. About read more about this offer in my previous post.

If you don’t want to be roped into a contract with a carrier, consider buying your iPhone-SE directly from Apple, the choice of SIM-card-free option at the checkout. So you may want to take it for what ever airline you want, and you can switch as often as you.

And if it is an older iPhone trade-in, you reduce effectively your purchase price. An iPhone 6S in good condition, for example, is to the value of $80, while an iPhone 7 Plus in the value of $150. Just take note that you have to pay the full price for the SE, then you will receive a cash credit for the trade-in, after Apple has received and reviewed it.

If you can swing only $8.33 per month for 24 months, you can swing to SE the iPhone. That’s a savings of $200 over the course of two years. To this offer, you have a new line of service with Xfinity activate and transfer an existing number. Xfinity service plans start at $12 per month for 1GB of data.

The catch? Order phone service, you need to be a Comcast Xfinity subscriber.

Have you found better iPhone-SE offer? Tell me about it in the comments!

Originally published at the beginning of this month. Updated to new listings, price changes and availability.

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