These 17 films to help alleviate online to early, your fear of coronavirus

These 17 films available online to early, to help alleviate your coronavirus anxiety

movie lovers cooped up at home because of the growing coronavirus are threat which is always an unexpected, but welcome treat from Hollywood studios: the early video-on-demand (VOD) versions of some of the recent Blockbuster movies, including some movies still in the theaters (the few that are open).

after the unprecedented closure of cinemas around the globe to help stop the spread of COVID-19, movie studios have been frantically mixing up your dates to move some of their biggest releases (such as No time to Die, A Quiet place 2 and F9), for months or even until next year.

But Hollywood is not only throwing out the rule book as far as your upcoming releases; they are also the dismantling of the traditional three-month-US-theatrical-window, when it comes to the newer and also the latest Film releases.

this means That instead of waiting until (probably) the rent of the hit horror Film The Invisible man on iTunes or Amazon Prime Video, Universal went ahead and released it in mid-March, well ahead of the schedule.

read more for a list of big Hollywood movies coming soon to VOD in the United States, to follow with more knowledge:

Artemis Fowl

US theatrical release date: may 29

VOD release date: to be announced

price: Free for Disney+ subscribers

This Kenneth Branagh-directed adventure yarn about a 12-year-old genius in search of his father, to land in cinemas at the end of may. Clearly, that happens no more, so that instead of the live-action festival debut on Disney+, although a specific date has not yet been not set yet.

the call of The Wild

US theatrical release date: February 21, 2020

VOD release date: 27

price: $20 (iTunes, Amazon, Remove non-product-link, Vudu)

The latest remake of Jack London’s classic novel has received mixed reviews, with critics dinging the “scary” CGI look of the film, the canine protagonist, but Harrison Ford is typical of the rugged yet warm-hearted performance worthy of great applause. the the call of The Wild struggled at the box office, but its early VOD release, along with its curved outdoor setting can be just the thing we need right now.


US theatrical release date: February 14, 2020

VOD release date: 27

price: $15 (iTunes, Amazon, “do not Remove” product-link, Vudu)

many critics Do A remake of the 2014 Swedish film, force majeure as a classic wnhill stars Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, and Will Farrell as a married couple whose rocky relationship is put to the test, after an accident at a ski resort. Yes, it is Comedy, if also a pitch-black, and the consensus seems to be that the original Swedish was better. Nevertheless, fans of Louis-Dreyfuss and Farrell can enjoy watching this versatile actor venture into the darker area.


US theatrical release date: Originally scheduled for April 3

VOD-release-date-planned: No details yet

price: Free for Netflix subscribers

lovebirds is the first early VOD release of the Film on our list, a COVID-19-related directly to Netflix. Actor Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae as an on-the-rocks couple who get mixed up in a murder case, lovebirds should land in theaters on 3 April, but is expected to debut on Netflix, with a release date of “soon to be announced.”

Bad Boys for life

US theatrical release date: 7. January

VOD release date: 31

price: $20 to buy (iTunes, Amazon,The return of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence to your blockbuster Bad Boys franchise is the biggest box office hit of the year so far, and it came out on VOD on December 31. Of March it would have been a good month or so before normally there.

Sonic the Hedgehog

US theatrical release date: January 25

VOD release date: 31

price: $20 (iTunes, Amazon, Remove product link, Vudu)

Sonic saves the world (again) to thwart this time, the evil plans of Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) with the help of a Donut Lord (James Marsden). If that is not useful, just ask your kids that will be excited to hear that Sonic the Hedgehog will be available as an early VOD release on March 31.


US theatrical release date: 6. March

VOD release date: 20. March at 5 PM PT (iTunes, Amazon, “do not Remove” product-link, Vudu)

price: $20

with the voices of Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer, More has received solid reviews from critics, who say it missed the raves that have greeted past Pixar classics. Nevertheless, this animated tale of a pair of elves on a journey to revive to keep your father, you should entertain your children to the house, and after its VOD bow on Friday night, it will head to the Disney+ on the 3. April.

the way back

US theatrical release date: 6. March

VOD release date: March 24 (iTunes, Amazon, “do not Remove” product-link, Vudu)

price: $20

A drama about an alcoholic, A construction worker and former high school basketball star, seeks redemption by the same team that he used to play, this Ben Affleck vehicle received mediocre reviews and box office, but critics singled out Affleck’s fiery performance. The Film VOD went on 24. In March, just weeks after its first U.S. theatrical release.

I Still Believe

US theatrical release date: 13. March

VOD release date: 27

price: No details yet

This faith-a docu-drama focusing on the Christian singer-songwriter Jeremy Camp and his wife, Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp, who learns, before her marriage, that you are suffering from ovarian cancer. While the Film does not get a fair Chance in the cinemas due to the growing coronavirus threat, you will have a better chance to be audience to find, as soon as the VOD on the 27. March.


US theatrical release 13. March

VOD release date: March 24

price: $20 (iTunes, Amazon, Vudu)

Vin Diesel PG-13-rated superhero movie may have bombed during its box-office-her debut just under a week, but it is hard to say whether the audience stayed away because you were interested or because you don’t seem to have the urge in a movie theater, like a good idea. In any case, this is Matrix/Robocop rehash sounds like a welcome change for fans of fleshy, has a down and dirty sci-fi, and it is available for purchase online 24. March, just a week after its theatrical bow.

birds of prey

US theatrical release date: 7. February

VOD release date: March 24

price: $20 (iTunes, Amazon, Vudu)

This R-rated super-heroes (or super villains) saga with Margot Robbie as a Headliner as Harley Quinn, a big dent in the Fund, but it is still surprising that Warner Bros. decided not to publish it, VOD a couple of months ahead of schedule.


US theatrical release date: February 21, 2020

VOD release date: March 20

price: $20 (iTunes, Amazon, Remove non-product-link, Vudu)

A buzzy and Prestige adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel, Emma was still in the stable development of business in the cinemas as the first Film-the screen locks hit, and now Universal is to do what is normally unthinkable: releasing the film on VOD on the 20. March as a $20 Bicycle rental.

Frozen II

US theatrical release: November 22, 2019

VOD release date: – now on Disney+

price: Included in the price Disney+ subscription

How do I this article, my seven-year-old daughter is about three meters away, ask me a question, about every 30 seconds. Thank goodness for Disney, for the release of the sequel to “Frozen” as a Dis -ney+ exclusive full three months ahead of schedule. To convince you to talk about the perfect carrot your clown to stop its remote learning of mathematics tasks.

The hunt

US theatrical release date: March 13, 2020

VOD release date: March 20

price: $20 (iTunes, Amazon, “do not Remove” product-link, Vudu)

Originally planned for theatrical release last fall, but pulled off the schedule, despite the controversy over its violent subject matter, the The hunt finally made his Theater debut is less than a week ago. That’s what makes The hunt VOD release on March 20, just a week after it landed in the cinemas, so a head-turner.

the invisible man Universal

The Invisible man is one of a series of recent blockbusters always an early VOD release.

The Invisible man

US theatrical release date: February 28, 2020

VOD release date: March 20

price: $20 (iTunes, Amazon, “do not Remove” product-link, Vudu)

Another buzzy hit from Universal, Elizabeth Moss-starring horror film was a hit, if the cinemas around the world began to shutter. Normally, it would enjoy a long run on the big screen, before going to VOD in the summer. Instead, The Invisible man way ahead of schedule, is now available for rent online for $20,.

Star Wars: the rise of The Skywalker

US theatrical release date: 20. December 2019

VOD release date: March 13, 2020

price: $20 to buy (iTunes, Amazon, Remove non-product-link, Vudu)

The last (and for many, not just intoxicating), the Chapter of the Skywalker saga is not exactly you go into the Hyper-space in the sense of jump to be a typical theatrical release window, but The ascent of Skywalker have managed to land on the big VOD platforms a few days early. You take it, we are.

trolls World Tour

US Theater date: Originally scheduled for April 10

VOD-release-date-planned: April 10


trolls made a big splash when it loved its way into the cinemas back in the year 2016 (clearly, many children have it, but my seven-year-old Film critic gives it “eh”), so the expectations were high, if the sequel to trolls World Tour, was planned for April 10, 2020 theatrical release date. Well, that’s not going to happen, but Universal has a new plan: a so-called “day-and-date” VOD release for the big-budget children’s flick.

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