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Apart from the available thousands of Android forums, only few of them hold the value on top in this online market. Let us take a look at the top 5 of the Android developers forums, an android developer should not miss, holding top positions in the Google search.


As everyone knows, developed Google operating system, compatible with mobile phones. It’s called Android and is based on the Linux kernel. The popularity of the Android OS can be understood from the fact that about 1.43 million Android apps published on Google Play store until July 2013. It was also observed from the 2015 survey, more than 40% of the professional developers choose Android as their core area of development, which is more than iOS and other platforms.

mentioned the existence of the Android forums

As per the facts above, in relation to the popularity of Android as a development platform, many Android forums have come into existence to offer expert information and solutions that are necessary to learn Android development at different stages of learning, whether it is for an experienced developer or a fresh developer, with only basic skills development.

There are several forums on the internet, but each of them have their own features and functions that make them unique as there are some features common in all, but in some forums, their own special features that help to resist a specific forum from the crowd./p>

the Top 5 of the Android forums

Apart from the available thousands of Android forums, only few of them hold the value on top in this online market. Let us take a look at the top 5 of the Android developer forums, which holds top positions in the Google search:

Android forum

AndroidPit –

AndDev –

XdaDevelopers –

find nerd

Features of Android forums

All of these Android forums have their own specific features and functionalities, distinguishes it from other, let’s check it out below:

Android forum: This is a question and answer forum specifically for beginner developers who want to learn some tips & tutorials for Android development.

AndroidPit: This forum will focus specifically on Smartphone technologies and the registered members with useful information, tips, tricks, and suggestions can take here.

AndDev: This platform is designed not only to provide answers to your questions, but you’ll also find advanced learning tutorials involved with encoding.

XdaDevelopers: This forum covers a topic of discussion in the App-development-training-courses, it is very helpful for fresh developers.

find nerd: The Android developer forum-community of find nerd tutorials is equipped with all the advanced features, including questioning, answers, tips &. It also has a feature for desktop recording, where users can explain their questions in the form of video & publish, so that other users can understand the technical problem easily. Also, the queries of experts are solved by talented IT within the shortest period of time.


All of these Android forums that are mentioned above are extremely helpful for mobile developers, where you, together with other tech nerds with different skills, knowledge and experience. These platforms help maintain a single developer and expand your own Android development of capabilities through R&A, tutorials, tips, tricks, and suggestions on the latest development techniques. So, mobile developer, you should not miss this top-5-Android forums these platforms, and make your daily Cup of tea.

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