The Steam autumn Sale is surprisingly steep game deals feel, like in the good ol’ days

The Steam autumn Sale is surprisingly steep game deals feel, like in the good ol’ days

the Turkey and the stuffing? Check. Mashed potatoes? Check. Cranberry sauce? Check. Steam Sale? Check. Looks like all the ingredients are here for a proper thanksgiving.

The Steam fall Sale started this morning, and damn, there’s some pretty good deals right on the front page. transmission 5, released in September, already 50 percent—and to think, it was amazing to see a gear game on Steam in the first place. Now it is one of the leading sales item.

for More great deals: Cities: Skylines is less than $10, with all of the DLC-a 50 per cent discount as well. Rage 2 is all the way up to $20. wave 2 is according to the discounted $30. team 2 is $15. space 3  (as) $3. Sherlock Holmes: crimes and punishments is under $5. Hitman 2 with all DLC $25 is included. And if it is in the hardware, the Steam Controller just$5.

I’m always going to keep digging, but these are the best deals I have seen. And I’m impressed, I’m going to be honest. We have long talked about the glorious days of the Steam Sale, and while today’s deals are not reached quite the same level as the sales of once upon a time I think it’s much closer. I mean, 50% off transmission 5 already? Pretty amazing.

This is the autumn Sale, it also coincides with nominations for the annual Steam awards. From the looks of it, there are eight different categories, in this year, with fun, as the “Best game To Suck you”, interspersed with standards such as “VR-game of the year.” Nominations happen now that the vote occurs during the Winter Sale, and it culminates in the announcement of the winner on the 31. December.

the main attraction, But as I said, the offers in this time. That was not the case in a long time, so I’m digging pretty excited too, through the catalog and see if it will wait for any other bargains. Perhaps…perhaps the competition with Epic Games Store is good for everyone? Maybe.

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Released on Tue, 26 Nov 2019 19:09:00 +0000

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