The North is not glasses stop, its focal length, to focus on its second generation, The threshold

The North is not glasses stop, its focal length, to focus on its second generation of The threshold

the North, the company behind the augmented-reality-focal glasses, is not the sale of your current glasses and instead focus on a second-generation set, in the next year.

The company would not offer details about the new glasses and instead only say that the device is 40 percent lighter and slimmer. It is also a higher-resolution display included. The team also has a teaser image of the frames published with a more mainstream look.

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North operates two showrooms for the focal lengths, and for now, the opened in Brooklyn, New York, on request only. The Canadian Position remains open, during the existing opening hours.

Although the North launched its focal lengths in January 2019, it is the successful introduction of was. Within less than a month, the company, the price of the glasses cut almost by half, up to $599.99 from $999. At the same time, the company 150 employees to be dismissed, potentially in production. Even with the price drop and layoffs, the company remains at the time had it, a “big couple of months” in the organization can begin. CEO and co-founder Stephen Lake said the terminations were necessary to the development of the smart glasses.

“We have decided to dismiss a number of employees yesterday, in order to focus our resources and ensure that we are said to lead to sufficient runway to our upcoming milestones in the next 18-24 months,” he at the time. “It was a difficult decision, but a necessary one, to ensure long-term success.”

The company would not comment on how many units he has, the first generation of fuel sent wide glasses.

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