The introduction of the TechCrunch Berlin Startup Battlefield companies Disrupt for 2019

The introduction of the TechCrunch Berlin Startup Battlefield companies for 2019

Each year, TechCrunch delves deep into the international startup-to-find scene to compete with innovative Start-UPS in Startup Battlefield – TechCrunch famous global startup competition. Today, at the TechCrunch Berlin Disrupt 2019, 14 companies will face off for the infamous Disrupt Cup, $50,000 USD in equity free cash prize and the attention of investors and press from all over the world.

How it works? Founder apply procedures for the program through an extensive application. To choose the TechCrunch editorial team combs through hundreds of applications, the top teams. Selected companies through a training perfectly suited to your stage pitch, Refine their demos and sharpening their business models.

On the first day of the event, the founder of pitch for 6 minutes, including a live demo on the main stage, TC Berlin, Disrupt, in front of a live audience and streamed live to the world. After the game field, the teams A with our Jury of experts from industry and VC are facing an intense Q&. The top companies, you see, will pitch today to pitch again in the round of Startup Battlefield, in the morning – same pitch, but a new Jury of experts. This year, in the finals of the Jury, among other things, Matthew Panzarino (TechCrunch), Andrew Reed (Sequoia), Andrei Brasoveanu (Accel), Purple Preston (Generation Investment) are and Carolina Brochado (Softbank Vision Fund).

This year, the Startup Battlefield batch is not particularly diverse, is originally from Ethiopia, Finland, the United States, the right to be here in Berlin, the companies represent all corners of the world. Founders, breaks the mold in the music AI, drug development, online and offline these learning, and citizen networks. You hear of raw materials, insurance innovators on individual sleep coaching and more companies that are changing the face of tech in your industry.

Startup Battlefield, begins at 11:15 with Startup Battlefield, a moderator and a Senior writer Anthony Ha.Learn more about Startup Battlefield, click here. You can watch the TechCrunch Disrupt live stream here.

11:15-12:15 PM Startup Battlefield Session 1

Teams: Hawa Dawa, Nyxo, Teooh, Gmelius, Inovat 

1:15pm-2:15pm Startup Battlefield Session 2

Teams: Nodle, Clideo, Stable, BeBlocky, Scaled robotics 

4:25pm-5:25pm Startup Battlefield Session 3

Teams: Wotch, Genesis therapeutics, Arcona KI placeholder

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