The insanely popular Ninja-Foodi family-size multi-cooker is on sale for $200 – CNET

The insanely popular Ninja-Foodi family-size multi-cooker is on sale for $200 – CNET

cook all the things, with only one thing.


I’m it to overload suffering from device. I have a air fryer, Instant pot, and a slow cooker-all pretty big items, all of which are a little overwhelming in my fairly small kitchen. If I only could mash these machines together in one super multi-cooker thing. And, lo, the Ninja Foodi was born! But 280 $for the family-size 8-litre model? Ouch.

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Here’s an offer that makes it less ouchy: For a limited time, Best Buy the Ninja Foodi OP401 8-quart multi-cooker for $200 — $80 from the usual list price of $280 has.

Like most of the pots and pans fast cooking, the Foodi can cook, sauté and fry, slow cook, steam and so on. But it is also a air fryer, i.e., after fry quickly, the whole chicken, you can add a crispy finish to it.

But, wait, there’s more: It is also a dehydrating agent — is a machine that I wanted to resist buying but always, somehow, because who wouldn’t want to have Snacks, Apple chips, banana chips and other dried quality?

CNET has not reviewed the Foodi, but check the user reviews at almost any store: they are almost glow. Amazon: 4.7 Stars. Best Buy: 4.9 stars. Walmart: 4.7 Stars. Sam’s Club: 4.8 stars. And these mean values are derived from hundreds of buyers.

So Yes, the chances are good-no, very good-are you going to this thing love. At $200, it is still an expensive device, but if you have a space-challenged kitchen or simply never got around to buying a pressure cooker, this is well worth the effort.

your thoughts? (If you have a weigh this, please!)

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Originally published earlier this year. Updated to new sale prices, and availability. Removed expired bonus offer.

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