The Google-Pixel-4 is not always monthly Android updates on time and that is a problem

The Google-Pixel-4 is not always monthly Android updates on time and that is a problem

What gives, Google? It is the 8. November, and the Android-November security update for more than four days. It contains the usual patches, as well as camera and Smooth Display-improvements to fix some of the problems I had, when I checked the phone in the last month. this is the good news.

The bad news is, my Pixel-4 XL still don’t get it yet. I have re-started and the button pounding search for updates, but nada. What’s more frustrating is my Pixel-3 not is.

And I’m not alone. A growing thread of pixels-phone-help-forums was eventually solved by Gold-product expert described as the “confidence of the members, the contributors competent and active worthy.” In the night on Friday, they issued a brief response to the hundred-plus comments: “The update will Roll out, and you should make it weeks in the next couple of.”

This is hardly reassuring. With so many problems, the Pixel 4 of the plagues, “early adopters” are likely to be smacking at the bit waiting for the updates to come. But, apparently, the latest cell phone is not a priority for Google at the moment. Android has enough problems with fragmentation and updates, and the Pixel is, is the example of how to make it right. 

I don’t understand it. Now that the original Pixel has reached ” end-of-life-status, Google exactly six phones has to update every time a new Android version comes out. Six, this is it. Apple, on the other hand, provides the iOS updates to twice as many models and hundreds of millions of phones at once, without fail.

So, what’s the Problem here? One of the main reasons for the purchase of a Pixel cell phone the promise of timely updates for several years, is not a slow rollout comes, if Google feels like sending you. Also, we expect a cavalier response, if Pixel owners start to right to complain. If it was difficult, to recommend, a Pixel 4, to appear that it is almost impossible not to do, when updates go out on time.

My guess is the update will come early next week and we will forget about all of this. But with a flood of bad reviews and the numerous problems, the thinking would be in need of fixing, you, Google would be to deliver noise pixels 4 updates, especially with upcoming Black Friday-price-cut. Apparently, this is not the case.

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Released on Fri, 08 Nov 2019 15:46:00 +0000

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