The Google-Coronavirus Website is Now Live – Droid life

The Google-Coronavirus Website is Now Live – Droid Life

I know there was some confusion around Google is launching a COVID-19-site, thanks in part to…Oh, who cares – the website is now live. Yes, the Corona-Virus website, that Google is eventually committed to start, just to see, it is delayed slightly, here.

just So we’re clear, this website is not so many in the media, they said, was come to, where you can get information about the screening and the establishment of a test The was will never be that. the site is a page of a company called Google Truly launched the project Baseline, a California-project is designed to help with the entire screening and testing procedure thing. The website we are talking now only an informative Website, and is the only thing Google ever committed to as a nationwide project.

What do you do with this new Google COVID-19 site? Again, only information.

If you head over to you will find information about coronavirus symptoms, prevention, treatments, safety & prevention tips, and how you can support relief efforts. There are links to agencies such as the WHO and the CDC. There is a section on how to keep well, to work during home, with info about working from home, cooking, and much more.

That’s not all, Google has launched, though. Mobile search, for “coronavirus” now you are presented with tabs of information. They are also adding notes to search for hospitals or for medical care on the CDC’s recommendation for the implementation of such. Basically, Google is trying to stop our healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed by people heading to the emergency room in the morning.

If you need information, Google is currently doing, to give his best to you all in one place.

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Released on Sat, 21 Mar 2020 17:40:12 +0000

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