The following Lots that Twitter Provides, in order to commemorate “” accounts Of the deceased

The following Lots that Twitter Provides, in order to commemorate “” accounts Of the deceased

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Twitter announced on Wednesday it will allow members to archive the accounts of deceased relatives.

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Jeff Chiu/AP

Twitter will allow people to archive it permanently, and in memory of the accounts of deceased relatives. The company received backlash this week after the news broke that it is to delete accounts that have not logged in before, in more than six months.

A company spokesman said initially inactive accounts will be removed from the platform, to serve from December as part of his “commitment to the public amusement.”

The announcement sparked a mass panic.

Many inactive users is returned to the platform for the sole purpose of saving their accounts. Popular K-pop star Taeyang twice Wednesday tweeted his first tweet since 2016. His messages were simple: One was a photo of a sun-shape balloon; the other said, “Hello.”

However, many, the original plan to not lose delete inactive accounts to handle. It meant that you could lose a digital remains of their loved ones.

Harris Wittels, a comedian and TV writer, died four years ago, but his Twitter account was active Tuesday. His sister, Stephanie Wittels, logged in, after you read that inactive accounts culled.

“Twitter is deleting in to of inactive accounts in December, and it would be a damn tragedy, if this account got sucked into oblivion,” Wittels tweeted from your brother’s account. “So, I’m twittering, to ensure that this happens.”

For the other, it was not possible, the notification and the tweet again. Drew Olanoff wrote in TechCrunch that he is not over his deceased father the password and can not his “quirky nerdy tweets retained.”

“It’s my kind of, odd, or not, to think of him. Keep his spirit alive. His tweets time stamp of moments, which he wrote together with the world,” Olanoff are.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Wednesday, the company miscommunicated and is working to clarify your message.

Later, the company-support-account apologized for the confusion. He said the account moves only occurs in the European Union, and only after a way to archive-created accounts.

“We have heard that you on the impact this has on the accounts of the deceased,” the company tweeted. “That was a miss on our side. We will not remove all the inactive accounts until we have a new opportunity for people to commemorate accounts.”

It’s not clear when this feature will be available.

Until then, Internet historian, offers solutions for those who are worried about their loved ones. Volunteers, with The Internet Archive, a nonprofit digital library that creates a public form, to collect the Twitter handles of the deceased people, and archive your accounts, to the best of their abilities.

Paolo Zialcita an Intern on NPR’s Newsdesk.

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