The best USB-C PD-chargers by 2019 – CNET

The best USB-C PD-chargers by 2019 – CNET

These days, almost everything in your bag has a rechargeable battery — your phone, tablet, wireless headphone and laptop well-being of their most important priorities. But even if you wore four or more devices in the vicinity, you don’t need a separate charger or electrical outlet for each. This is because you can calculate almost everything-including the newer laptops — through a one-size-fits-all charging technology: USB-C, Power delivery, USB -, or-C PD.

OK, this is a bit of an exaggeration-but not by much. The fact of the matter is that, if you are packing the right type of charging cable (or dongle) and the laptop has been released in the last couple of years, they are in very good shape. The key, of course, is always one of the latest and greatest USB-C PD-chargers. Fortunately, I have a test in the last couple of weeks, some of them, and I’ve found that some of the go-to choice for charging on the go. 

This list goes far beyond a simple mobile phone battery charger. A few similarities to the models we focused on: Most of these use a new material called Gallium nitride (or GaN), which allows the high-power adapters are made in much smaller sizes. As a result, this Adapter is 60 watts of power or, better, with provide, as a rule, they are in the same ballpark as the 65W chargers for many laptops ship. (That also blows away the puny 5W charger, the standard values pack-in for the iPhone 11 and earlier models, although the iPhone 11 Pro models ship with a 18W-USB-C-model.) 

Most of our top picks below include dual charging outputs instead, so that for the simultaneous charging of multiple devices. And they all have folding AC prongs for easy travel. We would also like to point out, we don’t have car chargers here, but if you>are in the market for one of these, check .

If you are on the search for the best USB a C charger, read on to see what the tried and tested models work on the bottom of the best for you.

All of the products listed below have been independently selected and tested by CNET editors. Note that CNET can be a share of the revenue, if you buy anything featured on our site.

Sarah Tew/CNET

In my opinion, this little guy here is the best of all worlds. It has both a USB-C-PD-port, and a good old USB-A port so you can charge any device, from android smartphones to a Wi-Fi headphones, a full-on laptop, and almost everything in between, including the Nintendo switch, Kindle and iPad. (PS4 Controller that do not work are usually very picky about their power, their source seemed to be.) It is ideal for travel, thanks to a relatively small size-it tips the scales at just 105 grams — and fold-up tines. Oh, and did we mention, it currently costs $30 at Amazon? In separate meetings, the HP Spectre x360 or a new MacBook Air from dead to about 65% in an hour, and garnished, and in a little over 90 minutesit. And if we threw an iPhone X to the second port, there were no problems when charging the phone battery and laptop battery at the same time. Do yourself a favor: you Get two — a permanently live in the home, the others remain in the go-bag.  

Sarah Tew/CNET

If you want ultimate portability, this model has the same output and quick charging capabilities, like the version at the top in an even smaller package: It is full of juice on a laptop, or anything else in your bag. The only drawback is that it loses the extra USB-A port, so it can not multiple devices charging at the same time. So far, the sale for closer to $50, but now it is over $40. (The white costs a few dollars more.)

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the legacy-USB-A charging port, this anchor is not If you need a good choice. It split its output, so that two laptops store, things would slow down significantly. But if I charge a fee for iPhone, and MacBook Air at the same time, it was still both 90% and 80%, respectively, after a quick 90 minutes. Its biggest drawback: at $55, it is the most expensive here. 

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Let’s temper expectations here: In the case of 45W, this USB charger is not intended for production of juice, most laptops (even though it charge when you plug it in and leave it over night). But if you want an affordable single-port wall charger for smartphones, tablets and accessories, provides speed and can easily slip into a pocket or purse, this RAVPower is a great fast-charging option and the USB charger costs only $30 This is only a dollar more than the Apple charger, which is thicker and has less than half the power (only 18W).


As we note the selected USB-C PD-chargers

to, this list includes only two brands: Anker and RAVPower. We focused to you because of our previous positive experiences with the two brands. We have also seen that some of these fast-charging products, get excited earlier, on shopping Websites, such as The inventory, and Amazon user reviews are usually mainly positive, regardless of whether people talk about android, Apple, Kindle, really any kind of device.

In our tests (see below), the Anker and RAVPower models performed very closely to each other. But the reason the final list, to be distorted almost completely RAVPower is that the company only kill in the value arena. In almost every head-to-head match-up, the RAVPower charger fails with the equivalent anchor-model on the price. But, if you see an anchor model for sale, it is certainly worth a scoop.

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We do not say that there are other good brands, but now that we have tested, the above listed, we can supply to confirm that they are great value for the money. If we see a sensible alternative in this price-points, we will update this story accordingly.

How we tested USB-C PD-chargers

I have my own anecdotal Tests on these models by running three products to zero battery life, the charging process and control the battery indicator at intervals of 30, 60 and 90 minutes to reduce. The USB devices I used were a new (2019) MacBook Air recent HP Spectre x360 Convertible and a two-year-old iPhone-X. 

In most cases, I have at least two runs per charger + delivery per product and an average of them, if you came within a reasonable percentage of each other. The asterisk means that the dual port chargers, store with the laptop and iPhone at the same time.

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Recharge speed, in comparison








the charger the device the 30 min. of 60 min. of 90 min.
RAVPower Dual-Port* HP laptop 46% 64% 81%
RAVPower Dual-Port* MacBook Air 38% 65% 85%
RAVPower Dual-Port* iPhone X 39% 73% 91%
RAVPower PD 3.0 HP laptop 50% 71% 94%
Anchor-Atom PD-2* MacBook Air 28% 54% 80%
Anchor-Atom PD-2* iPhone X 44% 75% 90%

tips for using USB-C PD-chargers

Make sure that your device is compatible. , If you have to plug in a small device — smartphones (whether Apple or Android-phones), wireless headphones, iPad, Nintendo, Change, and so on-all of these chargers will almost certainly be compatible. And most of them are for free products even faster-sometimes a far faster than the Standard charger that came with the device. For Mac, it is quite simple: If your Apple laptop has a USB-C connector, it will accept PD-chargers, while the older models with the MagSafe-power-Adapter. On the PC, and Chromebook side, it is more difficult: Most-but not all! – new laptops with USB-C ports support PD charge (even if you have a traditional proprietary charging port). Check the manufacturer’s support documentation to check. 

get the right charging cable. the reason why The RAVPower dual port model is our top-pick that it is really a universal charger: It makes a standard-USB or USB-C device with your old-fashioned USB-A port, or higher-USB-C charging cord. But if you are one of the other models, to the top make sure USB-C outputs, that the connections are a compatible cable, such as:

Make sure that secure. In at least one test, I came back on a laptop and 30 minutes later found it had not charged at all. It turned out that was a side of the cable is only half a millimetre too flat in the laptop connection, preventing a full connection. 

you Buy a USB-C compatible device. Slowly but surely, the entire electronics industry, the USB-C as a common standard for data and power. While the Lightning connector remains a great exception to the rule, cheap Lightning bridged USB-C cable the charge gap. In the meantime, Micro expect USB to be more and more an endangered species in the coming years. When and where you can, try to opt for a USB-C device and the charger, as you shop for things such as battery packs, wireless headphones, Tablet PCs, and other peripheral devices, plug-in. It is a good way to future-proof your gadgets.

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It USB-C Adapter

Sarah Tew/CNET

Keep a couple of USB-C USB-A dongle on the hand. Yes, the USB outlet is pretty the ports is great, except that almost any airline seat, a CafĂ©, airport lounge and the hotel seems to have rooms to be equipped with these old-fashioned USB charging cable. That’s why it never hurts to keep it, some adapters for your device. The Elebase dongle is shown above, includes a built-in key chain, holds it to the main cable. Not exactly elegant, but it gets the job done-at $9 per pair.

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