The best online-film-festivals and art-house-Film-screenings

The best online-film-festivals and art-house Film screenings

cinemas and movie festivals to be cancelled left and right, but that doesn’t mean shelter-at-home-movie lovers, don’t miss the latest and best in cinema.

in fact, the rich hugely influential SXSW Film Festival have just

luckily, SXSW only, film festival, going virtual. A variety of the largest national and regional film fests are the that their programs online, while some of the best Arthouse-cinemas offer virtual screenings of new releases and repertory classics.

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While some of the screenings are free, others are paid, rent, one-time-streams, and keep in mind that buy a ticket will help these annual festivals and cinemas open for business.

read on for a selection of film festivals and special screenings, you will come to a device in the vicinity (click on the subheds below to be taken to a landing page for the festival).

In the last few years, SXSW has circuit as a showcase for some of the best films at the festival. This year’s event will live on thanks to Amazon Prime Video, the planning, kick-off a 10-day online-schedule at the end of April Amazon says it will lift the Prime-Video-paywall during the event; the audience just have to sign up for a free Amazon account. Visit the SXSW website for the full programme of feature length narrative films, documentaries and shorts.

Now in its 13th year, the annual festival focuses on people with disabilities, the largest of its kind in the United States.

This year’s ‘ classics such as the 1954-version of A Star is Born, The seventh seal, North by Northwest, The creature from the Black lagoon and Lawrence of Arabia, along with pre-recorded interviews with Faye Dunaway, Luise Rainer, Eva Marie Saint, and more.

Founded by Robert De Niro in the Wake of 9/11, the Tribeca Film Festival (very suitable) planned to stay the course in the face of the coronavirus crises. In addition to the introduction of a a day in the short film, the festival is a modified version of the 2020 slate presented online, including more than a dozen VR movies as part of the Tribeca Cinema360 program and its “brand storytelling”, Tribeca X awards.

Festival organizers are planning a full slate of narrative, documentary and short subject films during the four-day festival, which are now made completely online.

The 19-person edition of Oregon’s storied film festival may have been canceled, but the AIFF has announced a virtual version of the online curtain set to go up at the end of may.

online film festival for l innocente film festival

A virtual screening of Luchino Visconti’s L’innocente, presented by New York’s Film Forum theatre is a festival and art-house events now available online.

While all of the Alamo Drafthouse locations in the United States are closed until further notice, that means that you are not to miss the theater chain of weekly offerings of horror films and offbeat films, kicking off with a virtual screening of 1982’s Centipede Horror and a 4K restoration of Godmonster of Indian Flats.

the home of The New York Film Festival presents an online lineup of new releases from around the world, including Bacurau (with Sonia Braga, and Udo Kier), Piper (a neo-noir crime thriller from Romania) and Vitalina Varela (from the Portuguese Director Pedro Costa).

The legendary New York art-house and repertory cinema gone virtual, with online screenings of Ken Loach s Sorry, we Missed you Luchino Visconti L’innocente, 1976, nominated The Wild Goose Lake from Chinese Director Diao Yinan, and for the Academy Award for Corpus Christi.

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