The Amazon stream NFL Thursday Night Football up to the year 2022, plus an exclusive game per season

The Amazon stream NFL Thursday Night Football up to the year 2022, plus an exclusive game every season

is The NFL Thursday Night Football is returning to stream on Amazon. The company today announced they have renewed their contract which allow you to offer Amazon Prime Video, a live, digital stream of Thursday night football to a global audience through the 2022 season. This time around, the announced NFL and Amazon also, a new deal with Amazon allows you to exclusively stream NFL games in the world on Prime Video, and Twitch for the next three seasons.

Amazon and the NFL have a partnership that was to streaming Thursday Night Football as of 2017, with a one-year deal reportedly worth $50 million. The company extended the agreement in 2018 for a further two years, the evaluation of each season to $ 65 million (or $130 million total).

The terms of this new deal were not disclosed, but a first report from CNBC claims that the deal price was increased once again.

This makes sense, of course, since the new Treaty is not to arrive just two years later, but now also includes an exclusive game.

in the course of time, the audience for NFL games has grown slightly. The 2019 Thursday Night Football games delivered an average audience of 15.4 million viewers across all properties (broadcast, cable and digital), up to 4+% as from year 2018 play.

Digital stream in 2019 exceeded an average-minute-audience of over 1 million, an increase of 43% compared to the previous year (729K). This includes the streams on Prime Video, Twitch, NFL, digital, FOX Sports digital and Verizon Media mobile features. (Note: TechCrunch’s parent company is owned by Verizon).

viewers can broadcast the stream of the 11 Thursday Night Football games from FOX to the Prime Video and Twitch sites and apps in the living room devices, mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. This makes the games available to Amazon Prime more than 150 million users worldwide in over 200 countries and territories, Amazon notes.

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But Amazon is not the only place, most of these games.

The games are also broadcast by FOX in Spanish, FOX Deportes, and will be simulcast on the NFL Network. This sets the League “Tri-Cast” strategy, which includes a combination of broadcast, cable and digital distribution.

Now, Amazon has the exclusive streaming game Thursday Night Football is not a game but a regular season game played on a Saturday in the second half of the season. This game will also be televised over-the-air in the participating teams’ home markets.

As before, the digital streams to the access to Amazon’s Gene contain features such as X-Ray and Next-Stats powered by AWS. Prime members can choose either the FOX or the FOX Deportes broadcast, and a series of alternative audio options, exclusively for Prime Video.

Amazon and the NFL is also on the collaboration on further content and fan-viewing experiences around the game streams in the future.

“As our relationship has expanded, Amazon has become a trustworthy and valued partner of the NFL,” said Brian Rolapp, head of the media and Business Officer for the NFL, in a statement. “The expansion of this partnership, around Thursday Night Football continue to play our critical mission of providing NFL to as many fans in as many ways as possible, both in the United States and around the world,” he added.

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