The $100 Ring Video doorbell is a feature-packed upgrade, finally

The $100 Ring Video doorbell is a feature-packed upgrade, finally,

the Amazon-owned Ring, a pair of updated versions of the six-year-old Ring Video doorbell over the years, including the $230-Video-doorbell-3 Plus, the went on sale in April, but the original $100 Ring Video doorbell remained on sale option as a budget. Now comes word that the $100 model is finally his own update.

Available for pre-order now and scheduled to ship on 3. In June, the second generation, the Ring Video doorbell “do not Remove” product-link keep the original $100 price tag when you add new features such as improved video resolution, privacy zones, an additional “close to” motion zone, and much more.

Starting with the basics, the revised Ring Video doorbell is increasing its video resolution up to 1080p, compared to 720p for the first-generation model, together with the “sharper” night vision “improved” two-way-audio-quality.

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The new Video doorbell functions privacy zones page, you can specify areas of the camera-155-degree field-of-view that you do not want recorded or shown, in the Ring-App-live-view, while a more “near-zone” allows the detection of movement in the areas between five and 15 metres in front of your house.

The second Generation, the Ring Video doorbell also snapshot supports, a relatively new Ring function, the snapshots take up the whole day, so that you can see what is happening in front of your door-to-door between events that are recorded.

A new Ring-function (as in last March) that the updated Video doorbell supports modes that you can quickly switch between home, Away, and Disarm modes by tapping a button on the Ring App.

in addition to your new security features, the newly designed Ring Video doorbell comes with new mounts, (will make to the Ring) it is easier for the battery. You can also perform the wiring of the doorbell to your existing doorbell wiring.

Those familiar with the original Video doorbell should note, however, that the second generation of the doorbell is not compatible with the first Generation of mounting hardware (the new mounting hardware is included), nor is the new doorbell to fit in the existing (and optional) Solar charger with mount. A new Solar charger is compatible with the revised Video-doorbell will go on sale in July for $49.

We have a full review of the new Ring Video doorbell, as soon as we spend some quality time with a review unit.

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Released on Wed, 06 May 2020 13:30:00 +0000

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