That’s what it is. I’m adding robots to repair to my resume.

That’s what it is. I’m adding robots to repair to my resume.

So I got a roborock S50, had it for about 6 months and love it. And then a few weeks ago, it stopped suddenly. Error 1. You laser check head. No check lot,, you would fix it. While technically still under warranty, the local supplier I bought it from is known to be very sensitive when it said such things, and honestly, it looked like a lot of work. But really, what could be wrong, right?

So I pulled the upper part, and found a pretty intriguing modular laser-positioning system. Didn’t take me long to get to it, and it works out just right. Some youtube and googled’ve been around a bit, and actually found this is a relatively common problem. Most people seemed to fix it by replacing the entire module, but at 1/4 of the cost of the machine, which seemed a bit extreme.

So, I dug it a bit more. *why* it works. First thing I noticed was that it rotates. The LDS needs to spin is not a scan of the room, how it moves, but it is not. So I have the motor, it turns by a belt. Moved freely with the hand, but not when the machine tries to power up. So all the way slammed and got my tools. Multimeter on the motor showed, ~0v. Well, it’ll do. Unplugged the motor, and traced back the pins. Turns out, the motor power comes directly from the inside of the vacuum, it is driven/controlled by the LDS module.

with the engine pulled, now I can read the +5v on the pins, so that’s great. Tried again the engine build, again, and now it is back to 0v. So it is the motor. The Progress. More googling suggests that others have got, in fact, to this point. Some even had a bit of luck, by the application of a solid 5v power supply, to unblock it, ” it internally. Even found a report of a man with a 9v battery to “kick” it’s over. Both tried, but unfortunately, no luck, neither would run it.

how to find out can I get spare parts for the engine alone. Much cheaper also. Over $ $ A20 delivered, give or take. Well, the part turned up today! So time to reassemble!

Replaced the engine a perfect fit, plugged in and fired to the Bank, not need to test the spins for 5v now, and almost immediately tries to run away, and clean my Desk!

turn it off, and mount the volume, put it ALL back together nicely (no spare bits left over, always a good sign) — and … error 1. WHAT? it was easy to just work!

you begin to Pull it apart again and check it, to overlook nothing. Then I check the engine. Oops. The cable ran on the wrong side, looks like she falls into the cave. it’s a pretty tight fit, and very thin wires, you would be snapped off 1/2 of the cable. Fine. Again, soldered and taped off, then re-installed the engine the right way, ran the wiring better, and still be connected. This time I have restarted, its cleaning after each step of the Assembly. About 6 in all. Perfect

And Yes, it is that time again and the cleaning agian now! And if I, or my wife, who ever doubted it, how much it cleans, can only say, 2-3 weeks with him out of the action was at the beginning of noticible around the place. It is actally impressive how much this thing is actually clean, there is little interaction.

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