Television feels like homework – CNET

Television feels like homework – CNET

The politicians

Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Platt.


If the 2020-Golden-Globe-nominations were Monday announced, I read through the list of nominees for best TV drama, and realized I had not seen a single one. 

succession, Big Little Lies, the Kill of Eva, The Morning Show, The crown. Regardless of how wild Twitter got every time Big Little Lies aired, or how much enthusiasm gets the new shape of The crown of each season, I’ve managed to avoid any of these shows.

For each of them, I had a moment, I asked myself-in the car or at dinner and you listen to pop culture podcast — should I watch this? I can need to see? 

These days, we have a fix, rich options, when it comes to television. Between the cable and the ever-multiplying streaming services, TV everyone could look to be a full-time job. In November, both Apple TV and Disney-Plus was launched. HBO Max and peacock are on the way. And unlike in the old days, there is new content coming out constantly. I counted North of 300 Netflix original TV Guide roundup for the year. Once upon a time, season ends in may, and you would have to live through the drought in the summer, with repeats and reality shows. 

It is almost ridiculous to complain about such a glow.

If you are the type of person to keep with the displacement of the pop-culture landscape, television is transformed into a task. Sure, there is an element to miss of FOMO — the fear at work here, but FOMO is only phase one. What happens if you already MOed? 

If there is more to consume than time to consume, it is easy to fall into a internal negotiations, in which they have to assess what you look to what you want to watch. And in this fast-paced time, the former can win at the expense of the latter.

Difficult decisions

I’ll give you an example. About a month ago, during an endless scrolling session on Netflix, I went through The politicians, a quirky Ryan Murphy show starring Ben Platt, about a high school senior with a bullet-proof plan to the President of the U.S.  one day, by first class President. I had heard positive reviews. My favorite pop culture podcast, NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, mostly liked it, with its stylised dialogue, and Wes Anderson-y sets.

Sitting on the couch, though, I began to calculate whether it was worth the time to invest in the show because I had missed it with the all-important discourse window. If I was late to the game, the game the game is worth it at all?

turns out, it was. The politician was a little uneven, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was funny and colorful. Platt, a character made, who should be unlikable, especially-adorable enough. The soundtrack was littered with artists such as Chvrches, Sufjan Stevens, and Joni Mitchell. I got a kick out of the would-be political machinations of the young, and the show floor making supply more expensive Blazer and high water pants. When I finished the season, I thought about the card, and what’s more, I’m looking forward to what comes next. 

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And I almost bypassed it. I almost missed something that I loved, because I thought watching it too late somehow made it less value-as if the reading of tweets and think, that piece is the most important reason why someone would want to watch something. 

The whole experience made me question why (or for whom) I watch what I watch (minus the shows I watch, because they are relevant to my job). 

There are times, when to say no, a card is quite simple. I listen to every episode is absolutely terrible, and you know what? I’m tired of terrible people. 

There are other times to say Yes to a show that is hard. HBO ‘ s Los Espookys was. sitting on my to-watch list for months I’m really excited about a show on a platform like HBO, the first line in Spanish. And yet, somehow I manage, other things to find for the first time to see how the Patriot Act, the last season of Queer Eye or the last season of Silicon Valley. 

This push and pull perhaps best exemplified by the Star Wars marathon on the Disney Plus I took at the end of November. In the penultimate week, I got knocked down with a brutal cold and spent four days shuffling from my bed to the couch and back.

not having to do much else, one night, I decided to rewatch the original Star Wars trilogy. Why? I Love You. And bw I Eil you saw, you observed, is less work than watching something new, such as Los Espookys. The next night, I saw the predecessor. Why? I had not seen it. In the past I have not particularly motivated, but this seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally get a look at a long-standing blind spot. The next night, I power saw Wakes up and the Last of The Jedi. Why? Because of the ascent of Skywalker is coming soon, and I want to be ready. I also like the two (Yes, TWO) movies. For The Mandalorian — who of us is not lost in Baby-Yoda’s eyes?

The easy decision, what to see anything other than easy. 

none of this is to say that I wish there were less options. Certainly, I’m responsible for what I watch and when. So if I never get to watch Barry, but the main line of the third season Of ” Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it’s on me. 

Still, I can’t help but think she was leaning a little harder on what I want to see and what is going on, provide me with some hot-tweets is the way to go to take.

If nothing else, Sufjan Stevens, and maroon Blazer should always have priority.

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