Tech accessories, to be thankful for

Tech accessories, to be grateful for

We are the big purchases, the Macs and iPhones and iPads and Apple watches, but our technology-with a life of sweat would fall apart (or at least much less enjoyable) without accessories. It is often not a lot of glamour, is the glue that holds together a workflow, the putty that smoothes on an otherwise ugly transition. So this Thanksgiving season, I thought I would throw a spotlight on some of the accessories that I rely on.

iPad stand

I’ve tried a number of iPad stands, but my favorite is still the Viozon iPad Pro, which turns your iPad into a miniature iMac. The brackets are strong enough to be my iPad securely and the hinge allowed me to position it either horizontally or vertically. I write thousands of words, the cut off every week on an iPad, in a Viozon are.

iPad keyboard

as soon As you plug your iPad in a stand, you need to give something. Keyboards are a matter of personal choice, but until now I am using a Keychron K2 with brown switches. It works with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, via USB or Bluetooth. I also like the Vortex Race 3, other compact mechanical USB keyboard.

To hook up a USB keyboard to an iPad Pro, you can use the USB cable included in the package, along with a USB-A to USB-C adapter. But why sit and complain about the dongle life style, if you can, buy a new cable? I use it only rarely, is no longer an adapter, since I have a USB-C cable for Mini USB, Micro USB and even USB-B. Replace the cable for your iPad or Mac that you connect the Adapter to a native USB-C cable and don’t look back.

USB hub

Speaking of USB, sometimes it is convenient to use it in the vicinity, either for power or for connection to external devices. I recently got a new Desk, and realized that I wanted to have a whole bunch of USB cables from the table top. I bought a cheap USB hub from Amazon, velcroed it to the underside of my Desk, and multiple USB peripheral devices there are and now only need a single one visible USB cable running to my iMac.

(by the way, if you are looking for ways to declutter your workspace: buy a roll of Velcro and stick stuff on the bottom and the back of the furniture.)

Power management

Sticking to the uncluttering topic for a moment, it is always nice to have the power—but also have it out of the way. I bought me a pair of APC surge protection that are light enough to Velcro under the Desk. The battery in my uninterruptible power supply also makes it much to hard to be everywhere, but the floor, so I hid him in a corner, bought a couple of short extension cords and hid them under a cord cover velcroed to my office carpet.

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I have to call a couple of devices—a floor lamp and a dehumidifer to two to— that I like to control remotely via HomeKit. The devices themselves are stupid, but now you act intelligent, because you are plugged in to WeMo-Mini-Smart-Plugs, unobtrusive little devices can be remote controlled to turn power on or off to a single outlet. I have connected my floor lamp to a battery-less Philips Hue Tap switch, while my dehumidifier is part of several Home automations in Shortcuts for iOS.

External data memory

I spent this summer testing the early beta versions of macOS Catalina, not the Installation on my internal hard drive, but by booting my iMac from an external Samsung SSD. An external SSD is a fast, small, and quiet. You could Velcro to the back of the iMac, and you treat it as a second “internal” drive and nobody would be the wiser.

Desk accessories

I heard a alarm clock on the bed for a couple of years ago, and replace it with a night-Stand mode on my Apple Watch. I have my dock the Apple Watch in this Classic Mac-shaped Elago stand in the night, but if you don’t love the original Mac design, the much you can go with basic black.

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