Stop incoming iPhone calls from ringing all your other Apple devices – CNET

Stop incoming iPhone calls from ringing all your other Apple devices – CNET


do not need to do your iPhone is ringing means that every single Apple device you own, the same. 

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Every time, if my iPhone rings on an incoming call, the rest of my Apple devices-ring in unison, turning my kitchen into a began with the piercing digital orchestra. Worse still, my iPad and Mac often continue ringing for a few seconds after I answered the call, wherein the caller and the me frightened and confused. The sounds familiar? 

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that we’re all stuck in our homes, with a roommate, spouse and children, each of which has multiple devices that may also ring. It doesn’t take too many calls in the madness and bustle. Trust me, I know the frustration. 

fortunately, there is a single switch, you restrict incoming calls on your iPhone. If you are in the habit of placing or answering calls on a different Apple, you can, at least, the number of Apple devices ring when a call comes in. I’ll run you through everything you need to know. 

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<, h2>do not allow incoming calls on your iPad and Mac

There is a master switch, calls to all your Apple devices, or keep them only on your iPhone. With it, disable your other Apple devices will stop ringing when you receive a call, and you will not be able to, or you can answer phone calls on your Mac or iPad.  Here are the steps you need to follow:


With the flick of a switch, just place your iPhone in the ring to the front. 

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1. Open the settings app on your iPhone.

2. scroll down and tap phone

3. Select calls on Other devices.

4. Slide the switch labeled Allow Calls to Other devices Off position. 

That should take care of all your Apple devices, other rings than your iPhone, if you receive a call. Pass these instructions along with your spouse, roommate or children. 

Allow calls only to some of your devices

It is also possible to stop calls from ringing on only one device, your Mac, for example, but not your iPad. You need to visit the phone section of the “settings” app, just like in the above-mentioned steps, and deselect the device(s) you want to be on the receiving stop of your calls. 

you need to want to these steps on each device you disable it:


If you do not want to ring your Mac, you can disable it in the FaceTime app settings. 

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Stop your Mac from ringing

1. Open the FaceTime app on the Mac

2. Click on FaceTime > preferences in the menu bar at the top of the screen. 

3. Make sure that the check box next to calls from iPhone is not enabled. 

4. If there is not a checkmark, click the box to remove it. 


Don ‘ T have a need for your iPad to ring every time you make a call on your iPhone? We get it. 

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Stop your iPad from ringing

1. Open the settings app.

2. scroll down and tap FaceTime.

3. Slide the switch labeled position

Allow Calls to Other devices switched Off After you have not changed, which devices will ring, or turned the function off, the next call should be a little less frightening. For more great tips, be sure to read, on Apple’s new iCloud folder free your devices for all, so that it is a candidate for the replacement of Dropbox. Also, get started with trackpad support on your iPad, and then master, all the important features in iOS 13, and iPadOS 13.

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