Stop being jealous of iMessage. What you need to know about Android’s SMS update – CNET

Stop being jealous of iMessage. What you need to know about Android’s SMS update – CNET


Apple’s iMessage is the glue that keeps users stuck to the iPhone. 

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Android phones do many things well, but to send out when it comes to SMS, the iPhone has beat Google. Apple’s iMessage app supports group messaging and read receipts, and has an addictive blue Mach-bubble, which automatically texts from other iPhone users over Wi-Fi, not just your phone data connection. The fact that Android phone manufacturers use different messaging apps, the action of SMS is, by default, always be always essential, as iMessage is an iPhone user. 

Google wants to change that and is working with U.S. carriers to use text messaging more powerful, more consistent across Android phones, and more fun. It takes work, though, namely to always support the messaging Protocol called RCS.

Here is a look at what is RCS, and does what he you and the to start if you might be able to use it on your Android phone.

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Google RCS want to imitate, iMessage’s magic with Android…


What does RCS mean?

RCS is a type of messaging Protocol, which stands for Rich Communication Services. If it’s available everywhere, you replace SMS, the text-messaging standard, already since the 1990s. 

– SMS-messages has become a bit over the years, the original 160 character limit, and adding MMS (multimedia messaging Service) for sending images and videos extends past But, SMS is slow to show its age and limitations. RCS would allow it to be SMS on Android, as flexible and powerful as-text-message platforms like WhatsApp and wechat, for example. 


Group messaging a whole lot better with RCS messaging. 


How RCS will make SMS better?

The biggest change is that RCS messaging parts of the high-resolution photos, videos, GIFs and texts over Wi-Fi as well as via the data connection of your phone. You will be able to see if contacts are available, if you with the input, and if the message have read. Group conversations are also improvements to see. 

It is basically iMessage, but for Android. 

Google has a whole website dedicated to explaining the benefits of RCS messaging if you want to take in the finer details. 

What else will have RCS? 

as soon As the RCS messaging is more in the foreground, you will be able to place chat with the company and keep track of orders, payments and to get help with a product. Business chat is something that Apple’s iMessage platform currently, but the is a similar feature for Android users is a welcome addition. 

How RCS SMS works on Android phones

supported If you have a cell phone and you are using a wireless-carrier RCS (more on this in a minute), you should only need to open the Google news app and follow the instructions, if you are asked if you want to use the chat features. 

After chat is activated, you can continue to use the messages app, as you normally do, but always, if you switched with someone of the function, you get the additional features of RCS messaging. 

Some device manufacturers, like Samsung, have built-in Google-RCS platform in its own default messaging app, and in the course of time, companies like LG might do the same. But for now, your best bet is to use Google-news-app. This will give you added nefit able to send text messages from your computer, and you will receive a notification as soon as the RCS is messaging available for your phone and carrier. 


supported If your mobile service provider RCS, Google news app, the settings for the chat function.  

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I have the Google-messages are installed, but not on RCS. Why?

This is where the RCS gets messy. To work for the RCS, your phone and your wireless service provider both support it. Unfortunately, it is not so easy, as Google release an app, install it, and then access to the new functions. 

We have seen a number of announcements and partnerships from Google, Android device makers, and even airlines, the RCS is finally rolling into Los. But the truth is that only a small number of phones on an even smaller list of carriers that currently support.

The carrier and the phones work with RCS SMS now? 

Right now, there are a couple of phones and carriers that support it, but it is very hit or miss.  Verizon RCS added support for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL and is used for the support of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, but that’s where the fun stopped. 

In the year 2018, Google and Samsung announced to bring a partnership’s RCS messaging on more Android devices, but without carrier support, it means a lot. 

of the confusion companies such as Verizon, whose Message+ text messaging are Add-app supports RCS, but not with Google Universal profile. So, if you are using a Verizon customer, the Message+, you can use the RCS Spin-Off, as long as you chat with another Verizon user, with Message+. 

There are some airlines, the support of Google RCS Universal profile and you can use RCS, now, Sprint and Google-Fi. Outside the U.S., Google is RCS enabled for the United Kingdom and France in July 2019. 

If you are not sure if your network operator supports it, gadget hacks has a fantastic breakdown of the carriers and their respective approach to the RCS around the world. 

when do I get the RCS messaging on my Android cell phone?

Good question. Right now, it doesn’t look like it will be in the foreseeable future. Especially now that the airlines takes place in the United States have decided to build your own messaging platform with support for Google Universal profile, with the roll-out, sometime in the year 2020. This means that you can see ultimately, an improved messaging experience on your Android phone here in the US, but it is a broken or inconsistent experience could, because the mobile providers in the implementation. 

We follow the story and update these FAQs as a development. Until then, the only thing we can do is wait.


Samsung’s messages app supports RCS as well. 

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What is RCS on my iPhone?

Apple has kept quiet about its intention, for the support of RCS on the iPhone. But it is much more likely that Apple will always come up with their own iMessage platform to iPhone users feel like they are part of a fantasy community.

use RCS now, regardless of your carrier, with a catch

Reddit users found out a way to RCS on any Android phone, regardless of the airline. If anything, it proves that Google could turn on RCS messaging for all Android users without carrier approval. Google is unlikely to risk alienating its valuable business partners.

The process is a bit technical, but the instructions are straight forward. Note that they accept a certain risk by trial and error, and the program could stop working at any moment. That is the nature of the beast.

If you’re tired of the standard text-messaging, these messaging apps, the you your own iMessage-like features. Then again, you can always jump ship to the iPhone-is it as hard as you think. 


Hopefully we mass see-like use of RCS messaging sooner than later. 

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