Spotify wants you to feed your podcast-dependence with a daily playlist – CNET

Spotify wants you to feed your podcast-dependence with a daily playlist – CNET

The new daily playlist is available for both free and premium subscribers. 

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you binged your way through Binge-mode. You have learned all of the things you Should Know. But what want to hear podcast you next? Well, Spotify says that its new can help playlist their Daily Podcasts to you to find out just that. 

Spotify, one of the world’s largest subscription music services, said on Tuesday that it will offer Daily Podcasts, playlist, personalized recommendations episodes listen to more.  Spotify said, it could well be the next episode in a sequential podcast you listen to, a stand-alone episode of a comedy podcast, or not in time sequence of a daily podcast like horoscope Today Spotify has also promised not to spoil the story-driven podcasts, saying it would start, by the recommendation of the trailer or pilot episode. 

Spotify said that, you will see the playlist you Made your Top Podcasts on the shelf, at home or in the hub to browse if you heard a minimum of four podcasts in the last 90 days. The playlist is now available for free and premium subscribers in the US, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia and new Zealand. 

Rival streaming service Pandora launched its podcast recommendations almost a year ago, saying it will suggest podcasts based on a user’s ” thumbs-up and -down ratings, what you got skipped, what’s in their collections and what they have played. Google in August, the listing in the search results, podcast episodes&nbsp began;that the people may hear, directly from the page. 

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Apple, Spotify and Pandora still pale in comparison to the radio…


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