SpaceX achieved a major milestone in the safety test of the Crew Dragon spacecraft

SpaceX achieved a major milestone in the safety test of the Crew Dragon spacecraft

SpaceX has managed to run 13 successful parachute tests in a row, the third major revision of the parachute, it is you are planning to use for its Crew Dragon spacecraft. The last test, the SpaceX edited video clip shared short-circuited on Twitter, involved with the system with one of the parachutes intentionally not implement, to prove, that the crew can land the craft safely in the event of a partial failure.

This is a big step for SpaceX plan to launch, NASA astronauts aboard the Crew dragon. Last month, NASA Administrator Jim bride Stine SpaceX headquarters visited in Hawthorne, California, where he and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk held a press conference to discuss their progress on the commercial crew program. At the event, musk said that he felt that SpaceX was aiming to do, “at least” 10 successful tests of the redesigned ‘Mark 3’ – parachute system, in a row, before all the astronauts is flying with the system in use.

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“We want to make sure […] at least in the order of 10 successful tests in a row, before the Start of the astronauts,” Musk said at the time. “So that seems to be where the behavior of the parachutes to be consistent, is more than 10 successful tests.”

At the time, musk added that they anticipate to a minimum of 10 successful test before the end of the year, the management 13 definitely fits with the schedule, and, in fact, a rare opportunity seems to be where SpaceX is actually in front of the often-optimistic schedules, the musk-sets as the objectives.

This is the third generation of the parachutes, for the crew dragon Cylon used instead of nylon, which is a polymer material that was originally developed by SRI, and provides that the lines on the screen approximately three times the strength of nylon. SpaceX also updated stitching pattern on the optimization of the load balancing on the new parachutes.

Next up for SpaceX is a launch on Board should happen as early as next week. SpaceX-test a ground-baed-test, submission of Crew Dragon’s abort engines, which can happen as early as Wednesday. After that it is always carried out in the hope to get an in-flight abort test, before the year’ send, show, how the Crew dragon can jettison of a Falcon 9 rocket, after lift-off in case of emergency.

Both the NASA and SpaceX, expressed optimism about getting an actual manned flight from the ground, everything else goes at the beginning of next year, provided that in respect of the test requirements smoothly between now and then.

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