Sonos to shut down local voice option Snips

Sonos to shut down local voice option cuts

It is the time of year. The time when it’s cold outside, it’s warm and cozy inside, we spend time with friends and family, and time for big companies to fall local Internet technology (2015, 2018).

On November 20, 2019, Sonos announced that they had acquired Snips at the beginning of the month. Snips was a popular way for people to have local control of the language in their homes.

In the same month of the acquisition, Snips has announced that it will shut down your console for the user. The control console allows the user to train their system with custom-sets and intentions. This includes, it is no longer possible, changes to your local Snips-system.

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Voice control, powered by Snips, may be devices in the future, Sonos. But Sonos is not accessible to many people. The adjustments to be lost, according to Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos, in an interview with Variety:

“We are not building a questions-everything said the wizard,” Spence. Instead, the goal of the acquisition was to build something that was much more music-specific.

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Bad move by Sonos

A very bad move by Sonos. This is not a world of Sonos vs. Google vs. Amazon. It’s not even a fight just a smart speaker, it is a fight about whether the audio system is in our house, local and private, or not.

By taking cuts from the table, it is less of an option for the local control of language. These users now search for alternatives, which are also cloud options.

technology often ends up with a winner-takes-all”. Sonos has a better case for his competitors again.

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What is the local home needs

Audio is an important part of our homes. We play the music, events will be notified (i.e., ringing), and we want our voice to control our devices. A system that must be run locally and be accessible via an open API.

Sonos system could this, you have great hardware that works very nicely. But keep your API strictly controlled, which makes it impossible for users to build on it.

It is a choice. You could use the Snips-console to the public, open their modern local API and embrace the community, taking care of the local control. To work nevertheless, you choose it.

So Sonos, why are you?

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