Something Special Domotron Home Automation, Launches on Indiegogo – CEPRO – CEPro

Something Special Domotron Home Automation, Launches on Indiegogo – CEPRO – CEPro

Something Special Domotron Home Automation, Launches on Indiegogo

Just another Indiegogo home automation-Start with the right keywords … but Qi is the key.

I stopped writing a long time, home automation is launching on Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and elsewhere in the ether. They all make the same IoT and AI demands, and you pack your hubs, complete with all the popular Goodies – ZigBee, Z-Wave, thread, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, geo-fencing, and now 5G, humidity, movement, ambient light, indoor air quality, temperature and other sensors imperative.

normally, There is nothing new; the proof is in the
Finance, business-savvy and how to fix.

But there is something new about Domotron, the current Indiegogo project, advertises “The Most Advanced AL-Powered Smart Home” and “The Learning Smart Home Hub, of the programs Themselves.”

The hub looks like all the other failed home-automation hubs, the over the years, and the claims are the same: exactly


  • “Works with the most popular smart-home-devices”
  • “Created personalized home automations”
  • “Learns from your preferences and routines”
  • “Replaces the need for complicated settings, a with a
  • “takes Setup 5 minutes”

But the user interface, the Domotron switch, new
beautiful and quite exciting. It is a wireless touch-sensitive piece of glass with is
hidden LEDs, which lights only when a presence is detected, or the user to respond with
the device – glide your Finger up and down to adjust the temperature, audio
or other settings, or press the hidden physical buttons behind the glass.

Domotron Hub-and Switch – now on Indiegogo

The really new thing, though, is this:  The Domotron hub has a built-in Qi
wireless charger, making it a useful product on its own, perfect for the kitchen counter,
Night tables and other rooms taken. The Domotron switches have a Qi chip,
to be able to, so you pluck them from the wall and put it to download on the hub. Battery
life is a large obstacle for the Wi-Fi switches, touchpads, and other
untethered smart devices – especially those with Wi-Fi, multiple sensors and
The LED-lighting. A quick-and-easy charging-solution can make all the difference.

For me, this is the snack of the Domotron history. The
whole story, by the way, is a good, but not credible, to the products
are rated on the shelf, in the home, and well.

Domotron Features
The specifications and requirements

The Domotron promo video is predictably cheesy and exaggerated
optimistic, with hyperbolic statements such as:  “Can you imagine Tony Stark manually
Programming his home to deal with every situation imaginable?” and “We have spent countless hours
the perfecting of the automations to the point that there is no need for manual
Control. Everything
happens automatically.” And “A real smart home understands what a romantic mood
looks like. It takes the perfect mood. It takes the perfect music, and sets the
Lights just right ….”

Domotron Hub


  • USB-C (for power)
  • Ethernet
  • USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wi-F 4
  • ZigBee 3.0
  • NFC (passive Tag)
  • Wireless charger (Qi)
  • Amblient light LED strip

Domotron switch


  • Single-slider-LED switch for US; double slider
    for the EU
  • Heated glass for anti-fogging
  • 2 micro-switch for US; 4 micro-switch for the EU
  • Monochrome LED display on each of the slider
  • RGB-LEDs are used for level
  • RGB-LED ambient lighting
  • ‘Grid-EYE” sensor for detection of the presence, not only
  • Thermometer
  • moisture sensor
  • VOC-sensor
  • brightness sensor
  • ZigBee communication



  • ZigBee 3.0, IP, Rest API
  • Currently compatible via IP and/or Zigbee: Ikea, Philips Hue, Sonos, Somfy, Netatmo, iRobot, Xiaomi Mi, SmartThings, Amazon Alexa

prices & shipping


  • Indiegogo Special prices (30% off retail): A-room-kit with hub and dual switch – $349; Four-room kit with four switches – $769; distributor kit with 10 hubs, and 10 switches – $2,999.
  • shipping: shipping Begins in March 2020.

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