Samsung brings UI 2.1 on the Galaxy Note 10, S10, note 9, and S9 – XDA-Developers

Samsung brings UI 2.1 on the Galaxy Note 10, S10, note 9, and S9 – XDA-developers

Samsung launched its flagship-S20-series early last month, offers some impressive hardware specs. These included the 100x space-Zoom camera on the S20 Ultra, the 108MP primary shooter with Nona Binning, and up to 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM. On the software front, the devices rolled out, with A user interface 2.1 on Android-based 10, the a couple of additional features like Spotify support in the clock app. Other than the Galaxy-S20-series, the Galaxy Z Flip is the only Samsung smartphone that runs A user interface 2.1 now. However, according to a new report from Sammobile, the company will soon roll-out UI 2.1 on the Galaxy Note 10, S10, note 9, and S9.

Samsung's UI 2.1 update Galaxy S10, note 10, S9, note 9

The report quoted a post from a Samsung community moderator on Samsung’s Korean community portal, which confirms that Samsung is planning to roll out UI 2.1, not only for the last year’s Galaxy S10 and note 10-series, but also for the Galaxy S9 and note 9-series. As of now, Samsung has not shown that there is a schedule for the UI-2.1 rollout, but it is safe to assume that the Galaxy S10, and 10 devices Note get the update before the Galaxy S9 and note 9 devices. In terms of software features, UI 2.1 relatively less features, including a screen Zoom, Samsung Fast Sharing, and the above-mentioned Spotify-support-in-the-watch app. It is also worth noting that the hardware-related functions, such as changing the option to the 120Hz refresh rate so that it on older devices, even after the update because of the obvious lack of hardware support.

source: Samsung-Community

Via: Sammobile

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Released on Thu, 12 Mar 2020 06:18:33 +0000

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