Russian Hacker Group Evil Corp. Charged By Prosecutors In Alleged Bank Fraud

Russian Hacker group Evil Corp. Charged By prosecutors In Alleged Bank Scam

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The U.S. Treasury building is seen in Washington, DC, on 22. July 2019. The Treasury and justice departments announced Thursday, measures to be taken against a Russian Hacker group known as the Evil Corp.

Alastair pike/AFP via Getty Images

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Alastair pike/AFP via Getty Images

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Federal law enforcement authorities announced criminal charges and sanctions against Russian nationals who say running a hacking organization known as the Evil Corp., a group of officials, is responsible for the most sweeping banking fraud schemes in the last ten years.

officials say developed, Evil Corp. and distributed a type of malware, which harvested from the infected computers around the world, and to steal banking credentials, to some $ 100 million.

According to officials with the justice and Treasury departments, the malware software was known as Dridex which automates the theft of confidential information from banking customers, after someone on a phishing E-mail.

the investigators believe that the Russian government may have been complicit in the criminal enterprise.

“It is simply unthinkable that an organization steal like this, so much money from that money with a distributive malware like Dridex without the Russian government is said to have knowledge of these activities,” a senior Treasury official.

Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin described the group as “one of the world’s most prolific cybercriminals organizations.

He continued: “Our goal is to shut down the Evil Corp, did not deter the distribution of Dridex, target as a “money mule” – a network for the transfer of the stolen funds, and, ultimately, to the protection of our citizens from the group in criminal activities.”

trump officials say the leader of the Evil Corp is an individual by the name of Maksim Yakubets, and the State Department offers $5 million for information leading to his arrest.

Yakubets supposedly separate cyber-crime, which is to say, on behalf of the Russian government, the work of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), have been committed by the officials. Last April, he was in the process of getting a license to work with classified information on behalf of the Russian government, according to authorities.

“Evil” Corp ” and your Dridex-software serves as another Example for the Russian government to the support of cyber criminals to carry out malicious activities,” a senior Treasury official said.

The penalty is unsealed by the consumer were in Pittsburgh, Pa., and in Lincoln, Nebraska, against Yakubets, 32, and Igor Turashev, 38, both Russian nationals, accusing them of bank-and wire-fraud and computer hacking, among other counts.

the investigators say, the two intended victims in 21 villages in one of the most widespread malware campaigns, the US have experienced authorities ever.

The group infiltrated, banks, and non-Profit organizations from California to Maine. Among the victims, the authorities say, were a baggage business in New Mexico, a dairy in Ohio, and a community of Franciscan sisters in Chicago.

all that the group uses, try malicious software to steal $220 million EUR, after successful illegal about $ 70 million transferred from the respective bank accounts using malware known as Zeus.

Yakubets and Turashev captures banking credentials with an online tool, known as a botnet takes over a computer operating system. From there, the authorities say, they would account for the transfer of money from a victim, the bank is in a “money mule” account, or someone who receives stolen money and then moves in an overseas.

The duo as victims, banks, a school, a district, a petroleum company and other companies in the Pittsburgh area, steal millions of dollars, according to the charging documents.

In a separate criminal complaint also unsealed on Thursday in Nebraska, Yakubets, who goes by the moniker “aqua” in addition to participate in be charged with conspiracy, extortion activities, and computer fraud and theft charges for stealing from banks and small businesses in Nebraska.

Two Ukrainian employees of “aqua” were delivered, the convicted out of the United Kingdom, the United States and certain prison after he pleaded guilty as part of a hacking scheme in 2015.

Treasury officials said they have frozen>the assets of 17 employees of the Evil Corp. The measures have been in cooperation with law enforcement authorities in the UK

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