Roborock S4 vs Roborock S6 vs Deebot Ozmo 920

Roborock S4 vs Roborock S6 vs Deebot Ozmo 920

This is my personal opinion and test on a 3000sq ft home (with hardwood and carpet) and not most of the specs to discuss in here.

Roborock s4 tested 1 month

Roborock s6 – tested in 2 months

Deebot Ozmo – 3 days

Roborock S4:

Design: Slim and thin robot the easy-to-under most of the furniture and used a single side of the brush.

advantages: Navigation, parquet floors, pick-up (different suction levels) Down. Software/App is awesome

features(no-go-zones, room-sharing *,zone cleaning), and the battery 1 charge, clean both. Floor.

cons: carpet cleaning, you are always blocked brushes (with hair..etc) and the inability to climb on the bathroom Mat.

Tile cleaning is ok.

view multi-floor maps (max of 3 1 cleaning. 2 – cleaning the mas with no-go zones. 3 – is backup)

Roborock s6:

Design : a Little thick compared to the S4 and it has wipe, and uses single side brush

advantages: Navigation, parquet choose (different suction levels). Carpet cleaning is better compated to S4.

Software/App’s awesome features(no-go-zones, room-sharing *,zone cleaning)

Good climbing ability. No multi-floor maps (max 3), and the battery 1 charge, clean both. Floor.

cons: not so great on the carpet. Multi-floor maps are not available. A little louder in comparison to the s4

Deebot 920:

Design : Think robots (like the s4) and it has to wipe and it has two brushes.

advantages: cleaning on hardwood floors is good and the carpet is also good (not even a single block error). little better

pick-up by two side-brushes (not significant, but better). Multi-floor maps (was not able to find, this

however, each time I overwrite it on each of the cards). Software features(no-go-zones, room-sharing *,zone,

cleaning). Climbing ability is quite good, better than s6.

cons: battery not great (max 1. Floor with 1200 sqft)

Navigation long some time, the seeds thinks the thinks..

go to some places and hang.

*the software to identify errors in the location of the docking station. most of the time not,>it’s where the dock

map overrides on each other or merge.

judgment: Roborock s6 & s4 – (it has all the features of the software, the hardware and its spotless).

runner: the Deebot cleaning 920 is awesome clean and you have to fix docking problems and software glitches. the

the meaning and purpose of the robot is cleaning, without the intervention of the user. The Navigation should be improved.

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