Republic acquires Abb, to add games to its startup crowdfunding platform

Republic acquires Abb, to add games to its startup-crowdfunding-platform

Crowdfunding platform for startups in the Republic to help crowdfunding platform for games Abb, the forces, the creators get their ideas off the ground. Users of each service will be happy to know you continue to be

has to replace a successful model Of public-accessible micro-equity effective, and both platforms have the most recent successes under your belt. Startups, a variety of hundreds of thousands in the Republic have increased, while Fig had celebrated a great year with games like the critically (and popular) Outer Wilds, and, What of the Gulf.

The scale of the pages is low, compared to Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but the projects are carefully curated and, although all of the crowdfunding platforms, the Republic/Abb model, the allocation of equity, but as a product. Or in addition to the product — who may want to resist that, to their own strange new Intellivision console?

the terms of The acquisition were not disclosed, but the General idea is the merging of the two sites, however, without compromising on either. Ideally, both will see an increased audience, and the user will return to an increase in the diversity of projects, the potentially. Gaming is a growing area of investment, particularly for niche indie games, which saw perhaps the next big unexpected hit, so the Republic of the Fig as a natural extension of the existing platform.

“One of the best things is for Fig, how successful you have been, positive returns for investors. Capital is used is increased in order to develop the game, the games are sold, and the revenue is shared with investors,” said Republic funding portal CEO Chuck Pettid in a statement sent to TechCrunch. “The majority of private investments, will take 7-10 years for investors to make sense there. Abb has accelerated, the results and even offers 3 years (2017, 2018 and 2019) of positive returns for investors. There is another crowdfunding platform in the world that can say that.”

Abb’s CEO, Justin Bailey, remains as a member of the Board of management of the Republic and help the intelligent integration of the two sites.

“Abb will continue, and over time, slowly becoming a part of the Republic,” he said. “The Republic will hold the Central parts of the Fig-community publishing platform, and then add in your components, such as its commitment to diversity create an even stronger platform for indie game developers. In the end, Abb ‘ s mission is to help support independent developers and games would be possible, which is not.”

the Two CEOs went out of their way to mention that the Websites, the disadvantaged especially value and under-represented groups, find crowdfunding can be is the only way you collect enough capital to pursue an idea. “More than half of the campaigns presented to the Republic come from the founder, under-represented,” said Pettid. “In the past few years, the tech and video game industry has done in the diversity message, but it will be enough.”

Bailey noted that the pandemic led to a major disruption of the traditional investment methods. Crowdfunding is already successful, but in the modified post-coronavirus the world, it may be even more valid.

“developers should rethink how you raise the financing,” he said. “Innovation and creative thinking leads to the best actions, and we will be there to help you.”

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